John Sean Doyle


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Through his speaking and writing, lawyer and author John Sean Doyle, explores the poetry and science of well-being.  Whether addressing work, parenting, home or hardship, Doyle’s essays are invitations to inject a little more hope, affection and meaning into the world.  They are about recovering a reverence for being, and creating a culture of kindness.  In short, he helps us love life a little bit more.

A practising lawyer for over 20 years, Doyle has resolved more than 10,000 disputes and has been fortunate to help asylum applicants fleeing torture, represent battered women and children, argue for stronger child protection laws, advocate for the homeless and defend individuals’ privacy interests.

In addition to law, Doyle did his graduate training in applied positive psychology at the University of Pennsylvania.  He teaches at North Carolina State University and has worked with a broad range of individuals and groups including foreign governments, multinational corporations, appellate judges, the homeless, the dying, army drill sergeants and Buddhist monks.  To find out more, check out his Luminous Things blog for Psychology Today or register for news about his forthcoming book at: You can also follow him on Twitter 

Published: 26 May 2015

Last updated: 17 October 2016

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