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John-Paul Davies is an experienced and accredited psychotherapist, counsellor, and mentor who runs a full-time private practice from his home in Cobham, Surrey; having worked as a solicitor in the City of London for the first half of his career. 

He trained integratively, so taking in all the main schools of therapeutic theory and now has a particular interest in compassion focussed therapy.

John-Paul works with a whole range of clients across the range of issues including anxiety, stress-management, relationship issues, depression, anger, trauma, addictions, and co-dependence. He also recently published a successful personal development book, available via Amazon, Finding a Balanced Connection

Following the release of his book, John-Paul has written and contributed to various articles and podcasts across the media on a range of psychological and well-being issues and recently released an online personal development course known as ‘Life Unlimited’ available from his website.





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