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John Gray Headlines London’s First Health Optimisation Summit

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Dr John Gray, one of the world’s top-selling authors of all time, joins some of the biggest names and brands in the biohacking, preventive health, and health optimisation space for a weekend-long event featuring interactive health and wellness technologies, meditation and ‘Wim Hof’ breathing sessions, inspiring talks and technologies for helping optimise sleep, to talks on bloating and gut health, and how to work on improving brain fog, panels and courses from industry leaders.

At the inaugural Health Optimisation Summit (HOS), John Gray, best known for his Venus and Mars series of books, and probably the leading relationship expert in the world, Dr Gray will talk about hormonal balance and how it improves communication between couples and helps them manage stress more effectively. 

Dr Gray, has sold over 50 million books, has appeared repeatedly on Oprah, as well as on The Dr Oz Show, Today, CBS This Morning, Good Morning America, and regularly speaks around the world at high profile events, including speaking with Tony Robbins once a year.

At the Health Optimisation Summit Dr Gray will talk about:

  • Gender-specific stress management for optimal health and resilience
  • How stress levels are on the rise for both men and why women are four times more stressed than men
  • How stress affects our health
  • How different hormones lower stress for men and women
  • The importance of oxytocin and estrogen for reducing stress in women
  • The importance of testosterone for reducing stress in men
  • Relationship and communication skills essential for combating stress at home and at work 
  • New listening skills for men to help lower stress in women
  • How men can dramatically increase a women’s estrogen and oxytocin to lower their stress levels
  • How messages from a woman to a man can dramatically increase testosterone and lower stress
  • The importance of cave time for a man and talking for a woman
  • Creating romance is the ultimate hormone simulator

Tim Gray – UK’s leading biohacker and founder of the Health Optimisation Summit says: ‘We are so excited and honoured that John Gray is one of the headline speakers at the first Health Optimisation Summit. We have gathered together some of the smartest minds, technologies and brands from the biohacking, health, nutrition, fitness, preventive and functional medicine fields. This groundbreaking summit is uniting the health, fitness, biohacking, medical and nutritional fields for the first time, bringing together a growing worldwide community of people keen to discover the best tools and techniques to optimise their health.’

The HOS focuses on optimal, and preventive healthcare, and is bringing together a like-minded community of people keen to learn and discover a host of cool ‘biohacks’, tools and techniques to optimise their mind, body and environment – with the goal of optimal health, energy and brainpower. The conference is being backed by American wellness titans, Paleo f(x) and Upgrade Labs Biohacking Conference (formally known as the Bulletproof Conference) and is drawing a crowd from as far as Australia.

Other headline speakers at this groundbreaking health-focused weekend include Dave Asprey of Bulletproof and Upgrade Labs, Aubrey De Grey, Shamen Durek, and many other titans of the biohacking movement.

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