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John O’Brien’s Music Influences Climate and Environmental Change

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Acclaimed American singer-songwriter John O’Brien is back with his highly anticipated new music for 2022. However, not only does his music impress the masses, but John’s experience with environmentalism is also a defining factor in his creative and educational identity.

Growing up, John’s mother was a very strong conservationist, avid oil painter and lover of nature, which played a significant role in his world. As he transcended into his teenage years, he enjoyed the outdoors through his love of skiing and boating and acquired other passions and his love of music and the guitar.

Later, he studied chemistry for his bachelor’s degree and continued to receive a PhD in interdisciplinary environmental issues.

Paying close attention to government work, nuclear energy issues and the safety around nuclear waste, John has managed to meld each of his passions into one another as he continues to work on these important factors while also working as a musician.

From the excitement of the music industry to the importance of his studies, John has continually shown how important it is to follow your dreams no matter where you are in life.

After being appointed Florida legislature’s president to the Florida Energy Commission and made chairman of the Climate Change Subcommittee, he debated environmental issues, particularly involving climate change.

He persuaded the Florida Legislature to pass laws to protect certain aspects of the environment – just one key example of John’s avid importance within the industry.

Through his years of education and creative success, John shows the power continually behind your passion and that no one ever has to give up on their dreams.

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