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Research Proposal: Job Satisfaction of Tenured Employees

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One of the important factors that contribute to the success of any institution is its employees’ satisfaction. In determining whether employees are contented and happy in fulfilling their work, employee job satisfaction measurement and evaluation must be done on a regular basis.

It is ideal that the major priority for every employer is keeping its employees contented with their careers throughout the period they spent at the institution/company. Therefore, it is important to look into these issues in order to improve the work experiences of the employees. Providing opportunities for career development is a way of showing appreciation to the employees and will encourage loyalty in the future. Employees are likely to be happier if they have opportunities to advance within the company as this will allow them to feel that they are provided with the necessary tools and training to fulfil their role. Employees are also likely to feel more motivated when they have received a promotion or if they have been included in a team project. Encouragement from their managers is also important as this will make them feel appreciated and valued within the organisation. 

Satisfaction can be determined through a variety of methods, such as surveys or interviews. Surveys are preferred as they are relatively easy to administer and can be answered anonymously by employees, offering more honest responses. The results of the survey can be utilised to identify areas in which employees may be unhappy and offer solutions to any problems found. This can ensure that employees feel valued and are constantly striving towards a better working environment. While employers are often concerned about the amount of work that their staff are completing, studies have shown that over workload can have an undesirable impact on the quality of work being produced. Work overload can also lead to an increase in staff turnover, which can result in increased training costs and loss of knowledge within the company. Employers should ensure that their staff are given sufficient workloads and are not overburdened with work as this will lead to higher stress levels and lower job satisfaction.

The target participants for the study are permanent employees of a specific national government agency with a length of service of five to ten years. I will make use of stratified random sampling to gather the participants and to understand the existing relationship between the two groups. Further, it will be used so that the participants have an equal and independent chance of being selected and situations are free from any integral bias. To determine the purpose of the study, Minnesota Satisfaction Questionnaire, a widely used questionnaire to measure job satisfaction, will be used for the study.

My main objective for this study is to determine whether there is a significant relationship between the employees’ demographic characteristics and socioeconomic status and to their job satisfaction. Another motivation is to produce an output that will help the institution in identifying and managing its employees in terms of job satisfaction and recommending solutions to problems that may arise in the results.

Marianne Angela M. Mariano is a master’s degree student at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines.

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