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Joan Senio is the creator of KindCompassCoach, a blog to provide a positive, safe place to visit when people need some gentle encouragement and reassurance – a break from the negativity around us. 

Joan has had more than 30 years of career experience in healthcare and consulting. She has been blessed to know so many outstanding people who have generously provided her inspiration and opportunities. Her role models had faith in her and instilled the desire to pay it forward. So throughout Joan’s career, she has also worked as a mentor, helping others navigate their careers as well as personal challenges.

Joan’s blog started as a place for her to pass on some of what she learned along the way. First, it was just about sharing things she learned from research on happiness and positivity. Later, she began to be more informed by her own life experiences.

Recently, it has also become a place to voice some of the fears and uncertainty she faces, which Joan thinks many of us face every day but don’t have a safe place to air. Joan regularly writes for Psychreg and you can connect with her on X @kindcompascoach.

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