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Jimby Casquete, the dynamic social media manager at Psychreg, exemplifies the fusion of technological savvy and a heartfelt commitment to mental health advocacy. Hailing from the Philippines, Jimby’s educational and professional journey reflects her dedication to utilising digital platforms for promoting mental wellness and community engagement.

Jimby’s academic path began with an undergraduate degree in computer science from Colegio de Los Banos, Philippines. This foundation in technology equipped her with essential skills for navigating the digital world. Her education journey didn’t end there, as she’s currently pursuing a master’s degree in development management and governance at the University of the Philippines-Los Baños. This combination of tech expertise and governance knowledge uniquely positions her to lead in the digital mental health sphere.

Beyond her technical abilities, Jimby’s true passion lies in mental health and wellness. Her role at Psychreg is a testament to her commitment to this cause. She manages the platform’s social media channels with an empathetic and informed approach, fostering spaces where conversations about mental health are encouraged and nurtured.

In her role at Psychreg, Jimby is more than just a social media manager; she is an innovator and a communicator. She leverages her technical skills to create engaging, informative content while ensuring that the conversations around mental health are respectful and beneficial to the community. Her goal is to make mental health topics more accessible and relatable, breaking down barriers and misconceptions.



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