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Jesus H Science – Two Beliefs to Live Your Best Life

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Let’s talk about Jesus, AKA the Son of God, AKA the Saviour who is to show up and save the world, arriving in time to save the non-sinners or those who still believe in Him faithfully – which I am hoping there is some wiggle room for the amount of time that has passed and our level of confusion today given all the information we now have access to. We know science and the laws of physics, so how are we to believe in the story of a man walking on water or raising others from the dead, while multiplying bread, fish, and the whole water to wine thing.

It’s all just a bit much for the logical side of the mind to handle in full acceptance or true belief to be given – we don’t just hand over our trust to anyone. It’s a very scary thing to fully dive into one belief or stand on a pillar of truth without a doubt in the world. Especially when it comes to the unseen elements of the spiritual realm – we don’t know what awaits after death, because we are all living.

You can look into witness testimonies of Near-Death Experiencers who have experienced an afterlife and were sent back to share their interpretations of the experience. Most say there is no Hell, no punishment, nothing other than pure peace and bliss in a realm of no fear, no confusion, no anger or sadness. Blissful sounding indeed, but then why is this place open and why are we all here?

Well, hopefully, the belief of there being eternal awareness awaiting you after the physical existence is enough to shine a light on why the world would be the way it is today, with suffering and divisions, murder, confusion, and the group-thought widely accepted of being humans separated from God.

If where we come from is where we return to after this, and that is a realm filled with only love, peace, and harmony with our highest expression being the form we take – then this makes sense of why we would incarnate into this experience. For the lessons for the learning that is behind all of the pain, traumatic experiences, and confusion – this should give motivation to the individual who accepts it as truth in bringing meaning to the pain and existence.

We came to learn people, and learning is understood best when there is something to lose or gain. There has to be some separation in order to understand what loss brings to the perspective.

Then realise this physical existence as being the exact thing you came for – you can now understand that this is the one chance for you as the unique personality you are in the special body you currently dwell in – this will lead you to live your best life, as the authentic person you are, and hopefully filling your days with the things which bring you joy. What brings you joy? What does your dream life look like?

Focus on what you desire. Focus on your personal Heaven on Earth. This will bring you greatness and a life made for you.

James Edward Rawson is a mental health advocate.

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