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Jason Fox Reveals How He Restored His Sleep with the Help of CBD

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The ex-special forces soldier, Jason Fox, is no stranger when it comes to opening up about his struggles with mental health. He is now revealing the secret behind his daily routine, which has helped transform his sleep and physical recovery.

The star of SAS: Who Dares Wins, explains how it was a trip to North America where his journey with cannabidiol (CBD) began. ‘Back in 2019, I had implemented all these great pieces into my routine, but it was still missing something. I didn’t know it was missing something until I went away on an expedition to North America and did this big Yukon expedition where a friend and I canoed the length of the Yukon river that took about six weeks.’

‘Now, at the time, it was in the summer, and it didn’t get dark, so we were paddling 200km a day and just kept going. Sleep was odd, and we were on the other side of the world. Physically, we were hanging from sitting in a boat for 15 hours a day.’

Jason returned from the trip with his sleep pattern disturbed and his body still recovering. He was introduced to CBD by ex-professional England rugby player and founder of health and well-being brand fourfive, George Kruis. 

‘I was very sceptical,’ said Jason. ‘George sent some CBD to me within a few days of returning from the trip. At the time, my sleep pattern was screwed. I never slept very well before that anyway. I thought my sleep would be in a state for a while with the time difference, the routine I had out there and not being in darkness. I was all over the place.’

‘I got the spray CBD oil and started using it, and within days my sleep pattern was back. Not only that, I didn’t realise I needed it. My Mrs said I was much more chilled out, my fuse was longer, and I was a nicer person to be around. I’m a better person from it, and now I have it all the time.’ 

‘Actually, I panic when I go to places like Dubai and can’t travel with it. The speed of recovery from that trip, which was brutal, was unbelievable. I wish I’d had it on a few trips before that too.’

Jason’s three-year journey with CBD inspired his latest collaboration with fourfive where he is now an official team player.

fourfive’s endocannabinoid system and CBD expert, Dr Elisabeth Philipps, explains how CBD may help sleep: ‘The Endocannabinoid System is believed to serve as a link between the circadian regulation systems and the behavioural and physiological processes that are affected, including sleep.’

‘By supporting your ECS with CBD, you may find it easier to stay asleep, fall asleep and achieve a higher quality period of prolonged sleep. This works, not through sedation, as with typical sleeping medication; CBD could help the body shift from Rapid Eye Movement (REM) into non-REM sleep stages of the sleep cycle.’

Speaking of their partnership, fourfive co-founder and ex-professional Welsh rugby union player Dom Day said: ‘I am personally a big fan of what Foxy has achieved in the forces, during his appearances on SAS: Who Dares Wins, but most importantly in the work he does to support people with PTSD and with mental health problems.’

‘With his genuine positive experiences of using CBD products and his past support of fourfive, we are delighted to have him as part of the team.’

George Kruis said: ‘Working with people you like is always a bonus, but to bring on board someone like Foxy, who I have the utmost respect for, both personally and professionally, is a great step for fourfive. We’re delighted to support his ongoing mental health and PTSD journey and help raise awareness in these areas. Of course, we’re also looking forward to putting him through his paces.’

Jason has been using CBD since his trip back in 2019 and regularly uses fourfive’s CBD muscle rub and CBD spray oilJason said: ‘When I speak to people, and they say their sleep is horrendous, I tell them – cold showers, fourfive CBD and a decent routine, and you’ll be away.’

Read more about Jason Fox’s partnership with fourfive on their website, or check out the new Foxy’s bundle, which contains a CBD spray oil and CBD muscle rub.

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