James Cook Is Behind the Camera – Saint Francis Hospice Story

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James Cook is helping Saint Francis Hospice banish many myths through splendid films. The 24-year-old filmmaker’s credits include work for Secret London and Crystal Palace FC. Since starting a business in January, he’s been kindly giving up his time to film for the Hospice.

‘I want to expel the misconception that Saint Francis Hospice is a scary place,’ James explained. ‘So many people love being there myself and patients included. The Hospice is beautiful, which makes for really great films. It’s far from a clinical environment.’

One new experience for James was filming a patient at their home to highlight the Hospice at Home service. ‘End of life care may be a daunting subject to talk about, but it shouldn’t be a taboo one,’ he said.’I didn’t know anything about hospice care before I joined. Yet I now have experience in a sector that many other filmmakers don’t especially younger ones.’

James added that: ‘It’s a great feeling to know that I’m getting ahead while doing something to help those who really need it.’ James is encouraging more young people to join him in volunteering for the Hospice. ‘If you haven’t got much work experience, then volunteering is the perfect way to gain some.

‘It will give you the chance to get your work published and seen by people. If you do have experience, then it’s still incredibly rewarding. No two days are the same, and it’s such a positive and happy atmosphere.’

You can put your skills to good use at Saint Francis Hospice whatever they may be. If you’d like to find out more, you may please visit here, email or call 01708 758614.

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