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Jackpot – A Look into the Technology That Makes Slots Run

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The technology behind slot machines has changed a lot over the decades. After starting out as a mechanical invention, they evolved with the introduction of electronics and video in the 1970s. And today, you can even play slots from your own computer or mobile screen.

Today we’re delving into the invisible tech behind the scenes that lets you play games like Megaways or Jackpot Slots online.

Random number generators

If there’s one thing that makes online slots possible, then it’s random number generators (RNGs). Just like the name suggests, it’s these that make the outcome of every spin in the game random.

The RNG at the heart of a Slots game is an algorithm that’s constantly producing a random string of numbers, waiting for the player’s input. Once the spin button is pressed, this prompts the RNG to serve up either one number or a set of numbers that determine what will appear on each of the game’s reels.

In any given second, the RNG algorithm generates thousands upon thousands of random numbers, making it impossible to ever guess what number will be selected. Any given spin will produce a completely independent result, so every player has an equal chance at getting a winning combination.

Even physical slot machines use this complex bit of technology in place of the mechanical reels that the original one-armed bandits had. With RNG in place, players can rest assured that nothing else can affect the outcome of their spin.

For such a simple name, RNGs take an incredible amount of work to perfect. That’s why all algorithms are intensively tested and must pass certification by an independent body before they can go into use in any games.

User interface

Another very important part that makes or breaks an online game is its user interface (UI). It doesn’t play the same behind-the-scenes role that RNG does, but any game without a good UI isn’t going to succeed.

Players need to be able to easily understand the game’s presentation on screen and navigate its controls. It should be as simple to operate an online slot machine as it is to operate a physical one. 

This means that developers need to make sure that their designs are still simple to play, even as they experiment with extra effects and visuals. Ensuring that all of the UI elements are responsive is also key, so that players using mobile touchscreens don’t have to deal with laggy buttons or incorrect inputs.

Digital infrastructure

Beyond the game as players see it on their screens, there’s a lot of extra technology that goes into the backend systems. Online casinos wouldn’t be able to function without systems to manage player accounts and keep their data secure.

Even aside from security features, it’s important for Slots games to be able to pay out and process payments in a timely manner. 


Online Slots rely on a lot of technology behind the scenes, making sure that they function properly and give players a positive experience. In fact, you could even argue that digital slot machines are more complicated than the original mechanical ones.

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