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Is Ivermectin Effective Against Malaria?

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The Ivermectin is an anti-parasitic drug. Over the years, it has been extensively utilised for curing several distinctive types of parasitic infections. Some of the parasitic infections that it is used to treat include the onchocerciasis as well as lymphatic filariasis. However, it has been also found to be useful in killing and arresting the growth of the arthropods that are invading the human body. One example of such arthropods is the anopheles’ mosquito which is responsible for the transmission of the malarial vector in human beings. Thus, Ivermectin is potentially beneficial drug therapy for curing malarial syndrome in human beings

Effectiveness of Ivermectin in treating malaria

Malaria is a parasitic disease that is being commonly spread all over the world through the bite of the mosquitoes that have been infected with the parasite by the name of the plasmodium. Every year, around half a million people die due to the occurrence of this disease. One of the drugs that are effective in targeting & killing the mosquito that is responsible for the spread of malaria is Buy Ivermectin online. However, it is capable of arresting the growth of the mosquitoes that are responsible for biting human beings in the outdoors and before dusk. But Ivermectin cannot be sprayed in indoor spaces, or it is not demonstrating the desired outcome on the mosquitoes that are resistant to the insecticides.

How Ivermectin acts?

As far as the impact of the Ivermectin in arresting the growth of the mosquito is being concerned, it is capable of arresting the growth, but only for a short term through the administration of a single dose. This particular drug is capable of killing and arresting the growth of all the mosquitoes which are feeding on the blood of the human beings that have been infected. So, when the patients will be consuming this particular medication, then there will be an arresting of the growth of the malarial parasite, providing them relief from the disease. Due to the beneficial impact of the Ziverdo Kit in treating the malarial disease, it is being administered to a significantly large population in order to prevent the spread of the transmission of the malarial parasite. Due to the insecticide resistance of the mosquitoes as well as the resolution transmission, the administration of this particular drug to the masses holds immense potential, as it can work as a complementary tactic to prevent the spread of the malarial infection. 

Ongoing researchers & evidences pertaining to use of drug for curing Malaria

Research evidence about the fact that the prevention of diseases in human beings through the administration of this particular drug can lead to the reduction in the survival of the vector and thereby preventing the transmission of the malarial disease. Malaria is already taking the life of millions all over the world. However, there has been a new intervention that has come up by the ongoing research in finding the treatment of malaria that the Hydroxychloroquine 200 mg.Thus, Ivermectin can be utilised as a novel and complementary therapeutic measure for reducing the occurrence as well as the prevalence of the malarial disease.

Ivermectin is potential therapy for controlling spread of malaria

Ivermectin poses as a potential therapy for controlling this particular parasitic infection. As the new breed of mosquitoes has become resistant to the insecticides and conventional sprays, thus, this particular drug can be a potential therapy for controlling the growth of the malarial parasite in the human body, As malaria has remained a significant public health issue for the past many years especially in the developed and developing countries, the researchers are finding the ways to develop the most preventive strategies for carrying out the correct diagnosis as well as finding the ultimate cure for this particular parasitic infection. 

Mass administration of Ivermectin for controlling malaria

Pertaining to the challenges that have been posed or arresting the growth of the malarial vector, like the resistance to the insecticides as well as the residual transmission, the use of Ivermectin for killing the malarial parasite has gained traction in the year 1985. This is because there was research that was conducted and found that this particular medication is responsible for killing the anopheles Stephensi which is a common material vector. careprost used to treat Glaucoma.

There is a need of adoption of integrated approach for controlling malaria

For carrying out the complete eradication of the malarial disease as endemic in different parts of the world, it is extremely important to adopt an integrated approach for tackling this particular spread of the vector. This can be done through the adoption of the comprehensive control management strategy, which includes the use of nets, indoor sprays as well as by targeting the mosquitoes that are breeding outdoors. However, the administration of this particular drug is also catching the attention of the researcher’s community all over the world. However, for producing strong evidence in view of the effectiveness of this medication for curing the malarial disease, there is a need to adopt an ongoing & comprehensive research programme.

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