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Italian: The Accent that Wows the British Cheaters

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Speaking a foreign language is a real seduction asset. And a simple ‘ma che bella!‘ or ‘mon amour‘ may be enough to make our heads spin. As part of a European study on infidelity, the Gleeden extramarital dating site interviewed more than 3,000 members in England to know the languages ​​that make them succumb to temptation. Discover the top five favourite accents of British unfaithful men and women.

Would it be so hard to resist a beautiful foreign accent? Apparently yes. According to a study commissioned by Babbel (a mobile app), 71% of Americans think that a person who speaks several languages ​​is more appealing. To learn more, Gleeden interviewed its members to know the languages ​​that particularly captivate them.

At the top of this ranking for the sexiest foreign accent as judged by British cheaters is: Italian. Overwhelmingly selected by the majority of Gleeden members interviewed (29%), the language is appealing with its melodious and romantic accent.

And unfaithful Italians returned the favour since the English accent is approved by more than a quarter of them (26%). The Spanish accent takes third place. The language with warm intonations appeals to 17% of respondents. German and Swedish close this ranking of favourite accents of British unfaithful men and women with respectively 13% and 11% of votes.

The voice, characteristic of all temptations

While some are charmed by a nice look, a smile, beautiful hands or a nice neckline, the voice for others, apparently makes all the difference. Thus, 62% of unfaithful English men and women interviewed by Gleeden believe that the voice is a major seduction criterion.

Nearly half of them (49%) say they could have an affair simply because they are seduced by a beautiful tone of voice. Finally, 42% of them admit having already had an extra-marital relationship with someone simply because they were charmed by his voice. 

Forget about ultra-elaborate makeup or well-trimmed beard, a sweet and enchanting voice that’s the real secret.


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