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ISPCE Membership Cards to Be Distributed at ICPCE 2019

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ISPCE (International Society of Psychology, Counselling and Education) membership cards for the following members are now available.

You can claim your cards (free of charge) at the registration desk at the 2nd International Conference on Psychology, Counselling and Education (ICPCE 2019) to be held at Universiti Malaysia  Sabah in Kota Kinabalu on 31st October–2nd November 2019.

ISPCE membership cards are only available to those who attend ICPCE 2019 (and have paid premium registration fees for ICPCE 2018). If you think your name should be included here, please contact the conference chair Dennis Relojo-Howell: dennis@psychreg.org

Regular Members

  • Alicia Tablizo
  • Christian Conrad Guinto
  • Dr Dorothea Dela Cruz
  • Dr Saif Farooqi
  • Maria Lourdes Helen Gomez
  • Maricar Ortaleza
  • Namrata
  • Philip Manuelson Arandia
  • Ronald Yrog-Irog
  • Sonia Janice Pilao

Lifetime Members

  • Graham Howell
  • Rona dela Rosa
  • Dina Relojo
  • Dr Noor Hassline Mohamed

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