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Ishaan D. Joshi is currently pursuing an LL.B. at the Faculty of Law at MIT-World Peace University in Pune, India, specialising in criminology and penology. Alongside this, he is working towards a master’s degree in criminal law and forensic science at NALSAR University of Law in Hyderabad. Ishaan holds a bachelor’s degree in commerce from Pune University, which he earned through KCASC. An internationally accredited mediator and coach, his expertise spans criminology, forensics, and alternative dispute resolution.

He has published 70 research articles, with 50 focusing on criminology, ethics, and forensics, earning him the award for excellence in research for the highest number of research articles published by a law undergraduate to date. His work includes two compendiums on crime, psychology, ethics, delinquency, and conflict, as well as contributions to a UNESCO compendium on public reforms. His book, Beyond the Crime Scene: A Contextual Forensic Psychology Guide, with a foreword by Retd. Justice Mridula Bhatkar of the Bombay High Court, is available on Amazon.

Ishaan has earned 13 specialisations from prestigious global universities, including the University of Pennsylvania, Wesleyan State University, and Lund University, in fields like law, cybersecurity, cyberforensics, and abnormal psychology. He has experience lecturing on research, crime, and psychology.

Since 2019, he has assisted Justice S.R. Sathe (Retd.) of the Bombay High Court in arbitration matters and is actively involved with multiple alternative dispute resolution centres worldwide. He serves as an expert reviewer for the Indian Journal of Behavioural Sciences under the Central Psychiatric Society and reviews for seven journals of the Masaryk University Press, covering jurisprudence, social sciences, psychotherapy, cyberpsychology, political sciences, and pedagogy.

Ishaan is set to further his academic journey at the University of Edinburgh Law School, where he has been admitted for an LLM in Criminal Law and Criminal Justice for the September intake, positioning him well for a career as an academician in crime studies, with psychology being his topic of interest.

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