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This Is Why We’re So Obsessed with Watching Hair Consultation Videos on TikTok, According to Expert Psychologist

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The #hairconsultation hashtag has gained over 2.2 billion views on TikTok, and this trend of recording your consultation at the salon is showing no signs of slowing down. With world-famous hair artists Jan SpagnuoloRaffaele Bruognolo and popular creator James Busby Hair showing the process of hair appointments with a number of their clients.

Following this recent trend, Rossano Ferretti, a leading luxury hair care brand that has styled the likes of Kate Middleton, Reese Witherspoon, and Jennifer Lawrence, has partnered with renowned psychologist Dr Ritz to reveal why we love watching these videos and what we get out of the content.

Alongside this, Rossano Ferretti unveils top tips when it comes to hairstylist terminology to make sure you know exactly what to ask for at your next hair appointment.

Why do we love watching TikTok hair consultations so much?

Psychologist Dr Ritz offers insight into why this video trend has become so popular. She said, “Watching videos like hair consultations gives rise to so many things from escapism, relaxation, education, and inspiration. It also plays into emotional dynamics and human behaviour. People often refer to their hairdresser as their therapist, someone they confide and share their internal world with. You can see that there is emotional vulnerability in these types of videos. Client’s often share personal stories. This display of vulnerability can evoke empathy and compassion from viewers, highlighting the universal experience of what it means to be human.

“Hair can carry stories of identity exploration; it is a choice we make and how we choose to present ourselves to the world. Consultations often involve discussions about self-expression, personality, and desired aesthetics. Viewers may reflect on their own relationship with their hair, their personalities and how it contributes to their sense of identity and self-worth. We could take this a step further and think about how body image and beauty are likely to play a role in this. It provides an opportunity to examine perceptions of beauty and body image. By observing diverse clients with different hair types and concerns, viewers may challenge societal beauty standards and appreciate the unique beauty in individuality.

“Then there is watching the hairdresser itself. Overall, by watching it from start to finish, you are likely to experience a sense of vicarious mastery by witnessing skilled individuals demonstrate their expertise, which can be psychologically rewarding. If you look at the relationship between the client and hairdresser, they are placing a level of trust in their hands to change their image. Through interpersonal interactions, we witness people sharing suggestions as they go through a decision-making process before coming to an end result.”

Commenting on the trend, Rossano Ferretti says, “Social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok are perfect for finding hair inspiration and styles that will best suit your hair type.

“For someone who is new to the world of hair styling, these videos can help build confidence and understanding of the process during your visit at the salon, learning key terms and explanations to make sure you can truly express what you want from your stylist.”

Before your next hair appointment, take time to learn industry-specific terminology to help your stylist better understand the look you want to achieve.


A balayage hairstyle is achieved when a lighter colour is applied to the ends of your hair and gradually fades closer to the root; this creates a two-toned effect in your hair. This can also sometimes be referred to as dimensional color.

Beach waves

This style refers to tousled and lived-in waves, often achieved with Movement Spray to add texture to your hair. This is a more relaxed style as opposed to Hollywood waves or tight coils.


Face-framing has become particularly popular and refers to the shorter layers of hair that fall on either side of your face.


This term is used to describe unwanted orange or brass-like tones in blonde hair. To tackle this, a hairstylist might recommend a toner.


If you love that 90s blowout look, then layers might be what you need to ask for at your next appointment. Long, medium or short layers can be added to a number of different hair types to seamlessly add volume and dimension.

At Rossano Ferretti HairSpas, hair artists are specially trained to create hair harmony by crafting seamless layers – this is the revolutionary Ferretti Metodo Cut, available exclusively at the HairSpas.


This is an area on the very top of your hair which dictates the direction of your hair growth. Some may have a hair whorl, which signifies a circular direction of hair growth.

Foil highlights

Foil highlights can be a way to achieve brighter shades of blonde without adding too much bleach to your hair and potentially affecting its quality. Highlights are added using a foil to take a small section of your hair and add bleach.

Deep conditioner

This is often used to treat dry or damaged hair. A hair stylist will apply a deep-penetrating conditioner treatment to your hair and leave it to be absorbed for a few minutes before rinsing off. These treatments are typically packed with key vitamins and minerals needed to nourish hair.

The Rossano Ferretti prodigio regenerating treatment helps repair the driest, damaged, or overprocessed hair. The intensive, pre-wash hair mask works to leave hair ultra-soft, silky, healthy & strong in as little as one use by repairing hair bonds from the inside out.


Elasticity refers to the stretch your hair can withstand without breaking; this may vary from person to person based on your hair type and quality.

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