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Is Masturbation Really Healthy?

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Masturbation has always been an important way for people to vent their sexual desires or relieve stress, although people often view the topic as taboo, which leads many to wonder if they should masturbate or what frequency of masturbation is healthy?

There is no standard answer to this question, just as there are different views people have about sex because it is a very personal thing, so there is no standard masturbation frequency, only one that is more appropriate relative to each individual.

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Some history about masturbation

At one time, masturbation was seen as a sin or a disease, and people even believed that masturbation was a form of self-mutilation that, in severe cases, could lead to insanity or other serious health problems.

There were even some preachers who preached that these feelings were Satanic temptations in disguise, that it was immoral behaviour, and that it was harmful to the body, and there are still some people who believe in the theory that masturbation is harmful, and they even still regard masturbation as a taboo subject. There is still very little research on masturbation and attitudes towards it are still highly controversial.

The health benefits of masturbation

The key question is whether or not masturbation is healthy, or whether or not masturbation can have a negative impact on physical and mental health? There is no answer to this question that is completely suitable for everyone, but there is a lot of research that shows that masturbation has some benefits for the physical and mental health of either men or women, so how does masturbation help us improve our health?

Masturbation produces mood-boosting hormones

Orgasms are a great way for a person to relax and feel pleasure. Maintaining a certain frequency of orgasms encourages the body to release dopamine, endorphins, and oxytocin, and by masturbating,, we can get the body to produce more of these feel-good hormones, which help us to lower cortisol, which can give us a bad reaction that can lead to things like insomnia or inflammation in the body.

We can keep our oxytocin levels higher through masturbation, which will help us stay happy and reduce our stress.

Improve sexual pleasure

Masturbation is often the first step for many people to explore their bodies in a way that builds sexual tension and helps us better understand the sensitive areas of our bodies. Masturbation also allows us to better enjoy other sexual experiences.

Masturbation has now been incorporated into sex therapy as a common treatment for sexual dysfunction and can help improve premature ejaculation in men.

Women can also masturbate to enhance sexual pleasure or improve problems such as vaginal dryness and loss of libido. It is recommended to use some adult toys for women, which can better help women gain sexual pleasure.

Longer life expectancy

A 25-year study found that a higher frequency of sexual activity was associated with a lower average annual mortality rate for men, while more pleasure during sexual activity was associated with a lower mortality rate for women, and a higher frequency of sexual activity also had a significant positive effect on reducing mortality from coronary heart disease.

However, while these studies have focused on heterosexual intercourse, male masturbation and female masturbation can actually provide similar benefits, and appropriate sexual stimulation and orgasm can also extend the lifespan of both men and women.

Reduce prostate cancer risk

The prostate is inextricably linked to male ejaculation and male orgasm. Many studies have found that as the number of ejaculations increases, men’s risk of prostate cancer decreases, and that male masturbation can help us better maintain prostate health.

Understanding excessive masturbation

But there are two sides to everything. Masturbation can help us improve our sexual health and has a very important contribution to our sexual pleasure. However, there is a bad side to masturbation, especially excessive masturbation, which can cause serious physical and psychological harm.

There is no standardised definition of what constitutes excessive masturbation, which varies according to each person’s own situation, so you need to determine for yourself whether your masturbation is excessive or if it is jeopardising your sexual health. Here are a few signs that may represent excessive masturbation.

You can’t stop masturbating

One important basis for determining whether or not you masturbate excessively is that you have tried to reduce the act of masturbation for a specified period of time, but find that you have no control over it, that you always masturbate uncontrollably, or that you always have thoughts of eroticism in your mind, and that your sexual desire is difficult to diminish in the absence of masturbation.

You may even begin to neglect family, friends or your partner as masturbation affects your state of being and makes you begin to neglect other parts of your life, with masturbation taking up a lot of time and thoughts in your life.

Masturbation is no longer as pleasurable

If you have a problem with excessive masturbation, then all of your desires may need to be satisfied by masturbation, because intense masturbation has made it impossible for you to get excited about any other stimulation, and even masturbation itself has started to become uninteresting and boring, and you have started to constantly seek out even more intense sexual fantasies and sexual stimulation. When you are in such a state, it means that you have most likely masturbated excessively.

Your mood changes if you can’t masturbate

Masturbation can help us feel great and reduce stress, but excessive masturbation can make it difficult to feel happy without it.

If you’re trying to stop masturbating but you’re feeling anxious, irritable or depressed, these emotions indicate that you’re likely experiencing a withdrawal reaction, suggesting that you’ve become addicted to masturbation.

Adam Mulligan, a psychology graduate from the University of Hertfordshire, has a keen interest in the fields of mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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