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Introverts with Social Anxiety: Its Influence on the Education Process

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When an introvert is in a classroom, they have an advantage and disadvantage at the same time. Their advantage is that they are good learners who pay attention to details and might pay keen attention to the teacher throughout the lesson. 

Their disadvantage is that most introverted students suffer from social anxiety that might hinder them from exploring the lesson further from a social context. They might not have the confidence to discuss the topic with their teacher or in a student discussion forum. This personality influences the education process of the student in different ways. 

Who is an introvert?

Introverts focus more on their inner personality than their outward personality. They’d rather spend time alone locked in their rooms and read a book, write an essay summary, or do some personal research. 

They prefer to spend time with very few friends – mostly one or two because their social life generally stresses them. Experts say people with introverted personalities range between 25% to 40% in any population. It is important to note being an introvert doesn’t mean the person has social anxiety. 

An individual’s unique personality might directly affect their thinking patterns, emotions, and actions. Introvert is more interested in themselves compared to others which makes it hard to socialize with them. There is nothing wrong with being an introvert and you can lead your life and excel in many ways. If you want to learn more about introverts, you might enjoy various college essays about being an introvert available on WritingBros to stay better informed on the subject. Each introvert essay example is filled with quality information that will expand your knowledge on the subject. 

Numbers of introverted students in the world

Details from Scientific Research show that the number of introverted students is about 40%. This is a general figure applicable in any university, college, or other educational institution. A specific school might have fewer or more introverted students, but generally, the numbers will average at 40%. The degree of introversion is different, with some being extreme introverts while others display mild or moderate introversion. 

How introversion and social anxiety affect education

Introverts in university who suffer from social anxiety might undergo extreme challenges in the education process. An experienced educator will easily notice an introverted student within the first week of their degree course. They will keenly follow the lesson but rarely raise their hand to answer or ask questions. 

They will not engage in conversation after the lesson but might remain in the classroom and grab a book to read. Social anxiety makes the situation worse for an introvert in terms of performance and productivity in school. 

Learning through social interaction is a trend that is picking pace in schools. They promote a reading culture that might transform a student into a better writer. It promotes research skills, too, but introverts with social anxiety might not benefit from social interaction and may lag. 

Lack of engagement after a lesson might turn the student into a slow learner. Engagement helps a student understand better the concepts they didn’t understand. Engagement helps students exchange ideas that enhance learning. 

Non-academic activities in the school promote the development of soft skills such as problem-solving, communication, adaptability, and interpersonal skills. An introvert with social anxiety might take too long to learn these skills. 

How can introvert students fight social anxiety in themself?

Although introversion is their personality, a student can fight social anxiety in different ways. They may try to participate in public speaking or try to build more than one friend. If there is a group discussion, try and engage with the group. Be bold enough to ask for help from a professional and make a resolve that daily, you will focus more on people. 


Introverts with social anxiety might do excellently in one area of education and perform poorly in another. Their introverted personality makes them avoid social integrations and lock themselves reading in their study room. Today’s learning encourages interactive learning because it is beneficial to students. It enhances a student’s understanding of concepts taught in a lesson. An introverted student might do better if they put in extra effort and join a social discussion or public speaking forums.

James Wallace did his degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. He is interested in mental health and well-being.

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