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Introducing the New Range of Reusable Period Pads from Floco. It’s Time for the Sustainable Revolution. Period.

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Those looking for a comfortable yet discreet reusable period pad need look no further. Floco’s innovative products are more comfortable, discreet and absorbent than traditional disposable pads. On top of being a more efficient pad all around, you can also feel safe in the knowledge that you’re helping to reduce the carbon emissions created by disposable pads by up to 90%. 

Floco (pronounced flow-co) is a community for people who flow. Founded by Alison Wood and Mhairi Cochrane in 2018, Floco is fed up with period inequality. They are on a mission to ensure everyone has the best period they can. They are committed to equality, progress and smashing the glass ceiling through game-changing innovation.

Floco does this in three ways. Firstly, designing high-quality period products because why should people who flow put up with anything else? Secondly, through working with people around the world increasing access to period products in countries where they are currently much less available with real consequences for women in those communities. Finally, through an education programme that is encouraging young people to pick apart the stereotypes and stigma that surrounds periods and puberty, so they can openly learn.

Floco is on a mission to ensure everyone can have the best period they can. For every pack that Floco sells, they sponsor another to people in need around the world. 

Superstar: sanitary pads for day

Floco’s standard pad has earned the name Superstar for helping you feel like one! The Superstar is a super comfy, absorbent and uniquely discreet reusable pad. Its curved design fits your body, while it’s amazing absorption and thinness can help you feel dignified throughout your period, without spending on products every month.

  • When is it for? For a normal period day.
  • How much does it absorb? It absorbs 16 ml of fluid, the same as two disposable period pads or a menstrual cup.
  • Price: £13.99 for two pads

Sleepy One: sanitary pads for night

We have all been there, period blood has leaked onto your lovely new PJs and bedsheets – nightmare! Floco’s night-time pads are soft, comfortable, and more absorbent than disposables to give you full coverage during the night.

  • When is it for? Overnight or on heavy days.
  • How much does it absorb? 25 ml of fluid, the same as three disposable period pads.
  • Price: £15.99 for two pads

Back up pads: for use with cups/tampons

Floco’s back up pads are perfect for those ‘uh oh’ moments. We all know the fear of leaking when using a cup or tampon can be stressful. These back up pads are a perfect sustainable addition to your products collection and are comfy, discreet, and absorbent.

  • When is it for: A normal period day, in addition to wearing a cup or tampon
  • How much does it absorb: 16ml of fluid (the same as two disposable pads or a menstrual cup)
  • Price: £13.99 for two pads

Active pad: for urine/incontinence

We know that sometimes blood is not the only thing we leak. Tight or weak pelvic floor can lead to us feeling a little leaky during exercise or day to day life. Everyone deserves to feel fresh and confident, and now you can with the Floco Active reusable pad. The active pad is super soft, discreet and saves a lot of the waste created from disposable pads or liners. This is perfect for helping you feel confident even when retraining your pelvic floor or receiving treatment. 

  • When is it for? Wearing just in case, during exercise or day to day.
  • How much does it absorb? 16 ml of fluid, the same as two standard disposable pads.
  • Price: £13.99 for two pads

Little One: period panty liner

The Floco little liner is the perfect pad for the ‘what if’ days, for wearing as a backup or for lighter days. The Floco liner is soft, absorbent and discreet, ensuring you feel confident and secure. By using a reusable panty liner you can reduce the carbon emissions created by disposable pad use by up to 90%.

  • When is it for? For the lighter days
  • How much does it absorb? 10 ml of liquid the same as a standard disposable pad
  • Price: £11.99 for two pads

Period pads for teens

Everyone remembers starting their period – it’s a big step. Floco’s research showed that teens found standard pads too wide. Floco made a smaller size of its reusable period pad. It’s slightly narrower and shorter than a standard pad to improve the fit while providing great absorbency, coverage and discretion for young women starting on their flow journey.

  • Who is it for: Teens, or those who find standard period pads are too big for them
  • How much does it absorb? 10 ml of liquid – the same as a standard disposable pad with improved absorption technology
  • Price: £11.99 for two pads

Full Range: day and night 

Looking for a comfier period and ready to jump in? Floco’s full range of reusable period pads is a great beginner pack. Floco pads are designed to be high quality, fitted to your body, more absorbent, more discreet and more comfy than alternatives on the market.

The full range contains two reusable night time pads, two reusable liners and four standard size reusable pads (or four of your choice).

You can choose between:

  • The Superstar
  • The Back-up pad
  • The active pad

Price: £49.99 (last up to five years) 

Carry bag

Let’s say bye to the worry of pads and tampons falling out of our bags or the stress of trying to find a pad at the bottom of your bag when you need it most. The Floco carry bag is perfect for storing all period products. It has two sealed sides, great for keeping used and unused products separate. It is discreet, waterproof and locks in any liquid or odour.

Price: £4.99

All products are shipped with free delivery and can be ordered direct from their website.

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