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Introducing The Glass House Detox & Wellness Retreat – All You Need to Recover from the Mental and Physical Intensities of Life

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Ready to get fit, transform your diet and discover a fresh sense of wellness and healthy way of living? Then look no further than the Glass House Retreat. Founded by Joy Jarvis, who’s dedication to health and wellbeing led her to create the very best in spa, wellness and relaxation, with the aim to help those looking to renew and rebuild the mind, body and soul.  

The UK’s first purpose-built detox and wellness retreat, the Glass House is a tailor-made oasis of calm, and exists to help its guests make changes and live a healthier, fitter, and more relaxed life. From the most exquisite plant based food menus, curated by head chef Miguel Gouveia, to allow for the ultimate in nutrition, combined with an extensive programme of fitness classes to suit all levels from weights and body conditioning to yoga and meditation, the retreat also offers a wide range of innovative and one of a kind indulgent Germaine De Capuccini spa treatments, including facials, body treatments as well as Cryo Chamber sessions and many more. 

The Glass House Retreat, which is located in a beautiful expanse of countryside in Essex, less than an hour from central London, has been designed from scratch and built by industry experts from the ground up. It’s a visionary retreat, with an all-inclusive approach to wellness whether you’re there for just a spa day or a full detox break. The aim of Glass House Retreat is not to preach or bark orders at you; it is what you make it. If you feel like a personal training session rather than a group class, that’s fine. If you feel like staying in the heated leisure pool, no problem, a lie in, or spa treatment instead, that’s your choice! The highly experienced on-site team does recommend a programme bespoke to you, so you can really achieve the best results for yourself. 


Glass House Retreat boasts comfy and spacious modern rooms where guests can contemplate, relax and sleep deeply – ensuring you are fully recharged and ready to take on the day’s activities. Need a break from the never-ending smart phone ping? The retreat also offers digital detox safes in which to store your phone, and if not then there’s a free high-speed WiFi available to all guests. Better still, en-suites are stocked with vegan and eco-friendly Anyah Eco Spa products, providing deep cleansing, moisturising skin protection.


The Glass House retreat’s low-cholesterol plant-based diets and juices help balance nutrition, aid digestion and are great for your heart. They offer a pure detox and wellbeing experience. No junk food, just delicious organic fruits, vegetables, nuts and  grains – local, fresh and delivered daily. Everything on the menu is also rich in vitamins and minerals, high in fibre, healthy, and largely unprocessed. Everything is natural and clean and just what your body craves.

Head chef, Miguel Gouveia, has been passionate about food since his childhood on the Atlantic island of Madeira. Most chefs end up on a path of indulgence, a world away from nutrition and wellbeing, however Miguel is different. He’s at the forefront of a healthy living revolution and an expert in plant-based diets. For generations society has been eating processed foods, full of salt, sugar, and fat. But people are waking up. The health fallout of poor diets cannot be denied. Miguel has been on a mission to help people lead healthier lives, after graduating from a top cuisine school in California. Now, at the Glass House, you can learn from him.

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