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Call for Papers: Intersex Social Sciences


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Intersex Social Sciences: Activism, Human Rights, and Citizenship conference
Bologna, Italy
04-05 June 2018

The deadline for individual paper submissions is 16 February 2018.

Abstracts can be up to 500 words each and should include your core argument, methods used for your work, key findings, and implications for the field. More details can be found here

This two-day conference provides a multidisciplinary forum for the further development of social science approaches to intersex and variations of sex characteristics.

Sociological, anthropological, political science, philosophical, psychological and other approaches are all crucial for developing knowledge that centres the experiences and insights of intersex people and those with variations of sex characteristics.

A commitment to fostering positive intersex activist and academic alliances lies at the heart of this conference. Further details can be found here

Confirmed keynote speakers and accepted panels are now online

Registration closes 20 April 2018 for presenters and 15 May 2018 for other attendees. 

This event is the final project conference of a two-year EU funded Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship that conducted qualitative research in Italy, the UK and Switzerland on Intersex, Citizenship and Human Rights.

Please read our UK report from September 2017: Intersex, Variations of Sex Characteristics, and DSD: The Need for Change. 

Hard copies of the report can be ordered via this link. 

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