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International Women’s Day: Celebrating the Wonderful Women of Dimensions


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Corporate clothing specialists, Dimensions is celebrating its female Senior Leadership Stars this International Women’s Day (IWD 2020) on Sunday 8th March.

Bucking the trend of just 29% of senior management roles being held by women globally, the Dimensions’ Senior Leadership team doubles that, with a massive 61% of them being female. The business, led by Managing Director Hayley Brooks, has hundreds of years of experience among the team, spread across areas such as finance, marketing and human resources, among others.

The females of the team came together for a group shot to celebrate IWD 2020, as well as answering a few questions about inspirational women in their lives, any challenges they have had to overcome due to their gender and advice for the future workforce. 

Speaking about her team, Hayley said: ‘I’m extremely proud to have such a strong team of women leading our business. Each one of us has been through our fair share of challenges across our careers, as many of us have had successes in typically male-dominated areas of work. It has been lovely to come together and look back on what we have achieved, as a group – and we look forward to continued success in the future.’

Set up by the Suffragettes in 1911, International Women’s Day has celebrated women all around the world every year since, highlighting achievements and successes made by inspirational females who we can all look up to.

Dimensions place a great emphasis on the future workforce, too, with support systems in place to help develop and nurture the leaders of the future, with an array of apprenticeships, management programmes and hundreds of e-learning courses available. 

With the future in mind, Hayley added: ‘Our message to the next generation is to do something that you love: if you’re not sure what that is, that’s ok, but keep searching for it and be passionate about what you do. Never stop learning and stay curious, everything that you need to know can be taught, a great attitude has to come from within.’


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