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International Conference on Modern Education Studies


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The International Conference on Modern Education Studies will be held on January 25-27, 2017 in Al Hamra Jeddah Hotel, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Our world has been changing rapidly in the 21st century. The society and paradigms in education have also been changing. The previous paradigms in education have been losing their validity. In addition to the changes in paradigms of education, it has become mandatory to analyse the changes which will affect the future of education. We believe that the International Conference on Modern Education Studies will be a beginning to fulfil this function.

New paradigms in education discover new orientations in education-insruction practices. It also makes the institutions’ being reconstructed mandatory. The conference aims to enable findings of new developments to be discussed; sample applications of new trends in all the fields of education to be shared; restructuring trends of institutions to be discussed. At this point, it is hoped that the conference will create opportunities for important sharing.

International Conference on Modern Education Studies aims to be on the platform where the developments coming fore front in the arena of new trends in education to be discussed by academicians, educational administrators, teachers, educational specialists and teacher candidates.

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