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International Conference of Community Psychology 2018


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At the 6th International Conference of Community Psychology held in Durban, South Africa, between May 27–30 2016, Chile won the nomination submitted for the organisation of the 7th version, with the unanimous support of the committee of organising countries of these conferences. The proposal was made by the Chilean Society of Community Psychology and a network of academic teams from 16 Chilean universities, which has been operating in the country for more than 10 years. This achievement corroborates the development of the National Community Psychology during the last decade, highlighting the growing recognition of its work field as well as in the areas of: university training (pre and postgraduate), research, training, intervention, and community action.

The central theme of the Conference emphasises the exchange and debate on the participation and organisational power of the current communities in the generation of spaces of coexistence, solidarity and integration that promote respect for diversity, and the change, both in its structure as well as in its dynamics and contents. In this context, it is proposed the approach of the Community Psychology from an analytical perspective of concepts, practices, techniques, experiences, and knowledge referred to the extensive field of ‘community’, its transformation and the value of its impact on social coexistence, inclusion and community and social welfare.

This important event, to be held on 5, 6 and 7 October 2018, will bring together more than 600 participants from more than 20 countries; counting also with the presence of the relevant figures of the discipline worldwide. For more details click here

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