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Interior Design Expert Gives Their Top Tips on Transforming Your Fireplace into a Festive Showcase this Christmas

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As the festive season approaches, the British public is eager to infuse their spaces with warmth and Christmas cheer. One often overlooked canvas for Christmas magic is the mantelpiece, a focal point that can be transformed into a showcase of seasonal splendour with Christmas accessories for the home. 

In the past month, searches for “Christmas mantel crafts” have soared over 200% on Pinterest, as the British public is beginning to look for inspiration on how to decorate their homes during this festive period.

Interior design experts from Graham and Green said: “Incorporating the mantel into your Christmas decor is a wonderful way to make a statement and spread festive joy throughout your home, while also making great use of the space.”

“It’s not just about hanging stockings ready for Christmas morning; it’s about curating a display that catches not only your personal style but captures the spirit of Christmas. You can also complement your mantel display with the rest of your Christmas home decor and Christmas tree decorations.”

Leading home decor experts at Graham and Green, known for their keen eye for design and expertise in display making, share invaluable insights on maximising mantel space for Christmas decorating down below.

Here are some key tips for mantel magic:

  • Stick to a theme. Choose a theme that resonates with your personal style and complements your overall Christmas decor. Whether it’s rustic charm, winter wonderland, or modern elegance, a consistent theme ties the look together.
  • Layered elegance. Create depth and interest by layering different elements on the mantel. Mix and match textures, heights, and shapes, incorporating items like garlands, candles and candle holders, alongside decorative Christmas accessories.
  • Add a personal touch. Infuse sentimental value by incorporating cherished ornaments, family photos, or handmade crafts. These personalised touches make your mantel a reflection of your family’s Christmas traditions.
  • Create a lighting ambiance. Creating a soft, cosy ambience with candles and home fragrance can bring a warm and inviting glow to your mantel space.
  • Bring some evergreen elegance. Integrate fresh or faux greenery and plants. For an extra festive touch, opt for some holly or mistletoe. 

For more Christmas decor to compliment your magic mantel piece, browse Graham and Green’s selection of Christmas tree decorationswreaths and garlands and Christmas lighting that have been sourced from all over the world.

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