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5 Interesting Facts About the Enneagram Head Triad

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Enneagrams are a broad personality typing system that can help you understand who you are and why you act the way you do. It is based on a nine-pointed diagram representing each type from one to nine. Each type is further grouped into three triads that describe their strengths, weaknesses, and motivations. It is based on the principle that we each have a unique personality type determined by our values and beliefs.

The Enneagram is divided into three triads: the head, heart, and gut. The triads represent the core of each type’s motivations and beliefs. 

What is the head triad?

 The head personality types are known for their intellectual strengths and ability to see the world logically and objectively. 

The Head Triad is made up of three personality types:

  • Five: The Investigator
  • Six: The Loyalist
  • Seven: The Enthusiast

The types in the head triad are analysts. They are highly intuitive individuals who feel safe in mental analysis. They navigate life by thinking rather than feelings or instincts. 

They are called the fear triad

The Head Triad’s core emotion is fear hence the name. They are the types to distance themselves from new, potentially harmful situations if they cannot fully analyse them. Head types are often overthinkers. They do not act until they have carefully planned. Unlike gut types that are headstrong and will leap first, then plan later,  the types in the head triad react to the unknown with fear and distrust. 

They all react differently to fear

Although each type in the head triad is unique, they have unique behaviours. Their main motivator is fear, but the difference is how they act on it. 

Enneagram-type fives are called investigators because they are objective and analytical. If they venture into unfamiliar territory, they take the time to observe. Fives hate to be unprepared, but this means that instead of living, they often stay on the sidelines to analyse every little detail. For fives, fear is paralysing. They often need an extra push to get out of their heads before fear consumes them.

Sixes are loyal to a fault. They are hyper-aware of the danger and try to find security in their closest companions. Therefore, sixes are constantly anxious. They need to learn to tame their wild imaginations and stop focusing on the worst-case scenarios.

Sevens are enthusiasts. They love to enjoy life to the fullest and hate feeling sad or stagnant. They are optimistic and love to keep their options open and chase any new adventure. They love to rush into situations that they believe will relieve their fears.

Type 5s are one of the rarest types.

A study of Enneagram Population Distributions showed that Type 8 is the rarest. They are closely followed by type 5s.

5s tend to be introverted and socially awkward. They find more comfort and security in seeking knowledge than in being around people. This means they enjoy their own company and avoid social interactions unless necessary. 

Fives are the most intellectual of all the Enneagrams and constantly observe and absorb data. It is in their nature to want to understand every aspect of their subjects of interest. You are probably a five if you don’t enjoy social interaction but prefer learning new things.

Type 6s are one of the most common types

The most common type is the Peacemaker (Type 9). Immediately following it is type 6. They are also called loyalists because they are fiercely loyal. But, they are also cynical, so they find it hard to trust. This means that although they might be hard to win over when you gain their trust, they are loyal to a fault.  

Sixes hate being caught off-guard and like to prepare for the worst-case scenarios ahead of time. But their constant anxiety has its downsides. Being overcome with worry keeps you from being open to opportunities. If you are constantly anxious about your life, relationships and career, then you may be a 6.

Type 7s are the most eccentric thinkers

Sevens are not the type to be tied down. They avoid boredom like the plague and constantly look for the next big thing. They love to be the life of the party and are one of the most fun personalities to have around. 

Their core desire is to be as happy as possible, and the two seven wings have different ways of achieving this.

If you are a type 7 wing 6, also known as the entertainer, you love to have fun while remaining grounded; requiring routines, planning, and stability. A 7w6 is an organiser. They are the type to plan events, create fun itineraries and optimise whatever fun time. Unlike regular sevens that seem to like to go with the flow, this type has a few of the six characteristics to keep them grounded.

On the other hand, a type 7 wing 8 is a realist. They are thrill seekers entirely for the fun of challenging themselves. They are bold and have high energy. One thing that this type loves to do is test their limits; physically or mentally. If you have high energy and love the thrill of a challenge, this is your type.

Simona LeVey did her degree in psychology at Tel Aviv University. She is interested in mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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