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Instagram Pages Psychology: Weird Is the New Normal

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Over the years, Instagram has made reasonable efforts to distract its user’s interest from perfect and unrealistic beauty. Well, one can’t say if it’s Instagram that is really doing the work or Instagram users themselves. Perhaps, it is the Instagram users that have had their fill of achingly beautiful and well-edited pictures and now moving to something different. Whichever it is, Instagram is evolving to accommodate bizarre and weird pages, and people are enjoying and following these pages in large numbers. 

There is no motivational quote as cliché as ‘be yourself’. A lot of times, both internal and external factors have made many people – including myself – to bury themselves while being another person and following the trend. Well, this article will show you a few people who took the ‘be yourself’ quote seriously, started posting things that they like and making huge money while doing the things they love. 

Before I begin, I would like to hint that some of these weird Instagram page owners use organic Instagram growth service to grow their audience. So, in addition to doing things that they love (which shows a laudable volume of self-confidence by the way), they also employ the best organic Instagram growth services. 

Enough of the talk, let’s get to the juicy part – a list of the weirdest Instagram pages in existence.

Can a completely random Instagram account become a top trend?

Of course, completely random Instagram accounts can become a top trend. The truth is that most weird and wacky Instagram pages have become the favourites of so many Instagram users. Although brands and businesses are stealthily occupying Instagram, odd Instagram pages are there to instil back the fun that Instagram supposed to be. 

These weird Instagram pages range from plain strange to dangerous, funny, and even horror. Here is a list of five of the most bizarre Instagram accounts that are currently trending:

Five weird Instagram pages

  • @breadfaceblog. So far, this is my best amongst the weirdest Instagram pages. The owner of this interesting blog is an Asian female that has insisted on being anonymous. @breadfaceblog is filled with videos of a lady smashing her face on bread, nothing more. For bread lovers – I included – that understand the feeling that comes with squashing a soft-fresh-sweet-smelling dough, seeing a lady smashing her face on soft loaves of bread makes you want to do the same. I mean, I can already imagine the feeling that comes with smashing my face on a fresh-from-the-oven Shoprite bread, and I’m sure a lot of people can relate to what she is doing. It might seem strange to a lot of people, but this is what makes the owner of @beadfaceblog happy, and she is earning money and getting bread for free by doing this. She is now a dough influencer since a lot of dough companies have employed her just to smash her face on their breads. I like that kind of weird. 
  • @combophoto. This is my second best on this list of weirdest Instagram pages. Stephan McMennamy owns this Instagram page. I call Stephan the master of photoshop because of his skills of perfectly combining two different pictures into one picture. When I first visited his page, the first picture I saw was a picture of a rabbit whose two ears are an index and a middle finger holding a cigarette, weird, right? Most of the pictures on his page are combinations of unimaginable things. Have you ever seen a hand holding a bunch of flowers, attached to the root of a tree, or a pigeon whose legs and tail are the legs and tail of a horse, no? You can find them and a lot of other weird but beautiful pictures on @combophoto.
  • @janerichsen. This is the perfect example of a dangerous and weird Instagram page. Jan Hakon Erichsen is the owner of the @janerichsen Instagram account. He is a visual artist who likes describing himself as the balloon destroyer. Art is all about creation, but for him, his kind of art is building a mechanism for destroying balloons. His Instagram page is mainly filled with videos of Do It Yourself (DIY) actions on how to destroy balloons. He uses dangerous pieces of equipment like knives, hammers, saw, etc.  in his videos. Of course, he advises his viewers not to practice what they view. 
  • @mothmeister. If you are a lover of horror imagery, then mothmeister should be your go-to Instagram page. Have you ever wondered why a movie protagonist would ever go into a cemetery or a haunted house? If yes, then you will be largely surprised at the number of followers a post mortem photographer like mothmeister has. All we know about mothmeister is that the account is owned by a female graphic designer and a male artistic director, both hail from Belgium. Their Instagram is filled with pictures of dead bodies carrying an equally dead child. The owners of mothmeister revealed that one of them is always in the costume, but always unrecognizable. They said that most of their pictures are from their imagination and dreams. So, if you love post mortem pictures, @mothmeister is for you. 
  • @beeplecrap. beeplecrap is another weird Instagram account that focuses on horror. Beeplecrap is owned by Mike Winklemann, an excellent graphic designer. Beautiful is not the adjective that will be used to describe this Instagram account. His uploads are positively mind-boggling. Most of his uploads are an exceptional combination of science and horror.

How to not stop being yourself (even if you are somewhat weird) and have thousands of like-minded subscribers

There are a lot of bizarre Instagram pages – from different niches, that have a lot of subscribers. One thing that is common amongst these pages is their inner strength and consistency to stand outside the crowd. 

It is tough to stand out amongst the many numbers of beautiful pictures of clothes, shoes, new food recipes, etc. on Instagram. However, it is more feasible to be the best in a niche that you created for yourself. Always remember that no matter how stupid or weird your Instagram idea is, there are a lot of like-minded people out there that will love and support what you are doing. 

I advise you not to limit yourself. Do the things you love doing, no matter how weird you think it is. I mean, nothing could be as odd as @breadfaceblog. Remember, while you are at it, you might need the help of an organic Instagram growth service that will enlarge your targeted audience and help you influence more people.


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