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How to Get Free Instagram Followers?

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If you search on Google how to increase Instagram followers for free, you will find many blogs that recommend you to use apps and tricks that help you get more followers.

These tactics are great if you simply want to increase the number of followers. That is if you are only interested in having 15 thousand followers instead of a thousand.

Buying followers or installing apps will help you get more followers. But if you want to use Instagram as a marketing and sales channel, these tricks won’t work. They are just an illusion for those who want to follow an easy path.

What will happen is that you will have an increase in followers. But most of these accounts that start following you are either fake accounts or people who are not in the least interested in what you sell and communicate. The greatest app for you to get free Instagram followers and likes is GetInsta.

GetInsta is a free app dedicated to helping Instagram users get 1000 free Instagram followers trial easily, quickly, and organically.

It provides a 100% safe security system to gather real-person at one place to follow and like each other. You don’t need to spend money. Everyone can get free coins by following others or liking others’ posts. With the coins, you can get unlimited free Instagram likes or followers for your own Instagram accounts and posts. Sounds good? Really good it is. With its latest version, you are also allowed to directly buy Instagram followers and likes with money.

Steps to get free followers and likes with GetInsta

Step 1: Download GetInsta and install it on your Android phone.

Step 2: Create your account on GetInsta app and login with your account. When you log in, you’ll get some coins instantly, with which you can buy followers and likes.

Step 3: Add one or more Instagram accounts to get started.

Step 4: Select an Instagram account and publish a follower task or a like task for this account.

It will start to get free Instagram followers instantly. You can check the progress of the task from the task list.

How to get more free followers & likes

To get more free Instagram followers and likes, you need more coins. It is also free to earn more coins. Check the following steps to see how to earn more free coins.

Step 1: Login your account on GetInsta.

Step 2: Tap on ‘Get Coins’ icon. Here you can see the like and follow task published by others. Liking a post you’ll get 20 coins instantly. You can skip any coin task you don’t like. 

Step 3: Tap on ‘Follow’ button, you’ll get 100 coins immediately.

Diversity of content

To increase Instagram followers for free, you need to create engagement. But now engagement doesn’t just refer to likes and comments on posts in the News Feed.

As you well know, Instagram has the longest IGTV stories and videos in addition to wall posts.

So, if you want to entertain your audience and hit your profile visitors and potential new followers, you need to create quality content on all fronts: News Feed, Stories, IGTV.

It is no longer enough to count likes and comments. Stories comments, poll responses in Stories, views to your videos on IGTV etc. also count now.

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