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Innovative Office Designs That Boost the Productivity in Your Space

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After a period of absence from the workplace, 75% of US managers want employees back in the office.

And this is happening on a small- and large-scale level, with companies as big as Disney and Twitter requesting their staff return to the office.

And after an eventful few weeks of Elon Musk’s bright X above the Twitter headquarters in San Francisco, we are witnessing how leaders are shifting office spaces.

But after the creature comforts of working from home, how can reimagined office spaces compete with the domesticity of workers’ kitchen tables, spare rooms, and couches at home?

Hiring an interior design mural artist is an excellent way to infuse personality and character into your home, creating a living space that truly reflects your unique style and preferences.

Trends that have changed the traditional office space

Digital transformation

Stewart Beer, site manager at Electrix International, says: “Comfort and safety are the two main concerns when it comes to designing your office space. After transitioning from home back into the office, we have to take into consideration the new wants of your staff.

“Making sure your staff are happy and productive means ensuring they have ample space to work, and with many of us running headfirst into the digital revolution, ensuring this can also be seen in the office is a must.

“You don’t want your office to fall behind because you haven’t considered the higher demand for technology.”

Smart offices are all the rage when it comes to updating headquarters. Especially in industries that rely heavily on technology, having an office that reflects this is crucial.

Businesses are no longer relying on paper and pens to get work done, so why would you design your office around this traditional office-stall style?

Instead, your office should include top technology, which increases the experience of your workers. Whether this is the latest ergonomic technology that works to keep your staff comfortable or IT systems to guide employees to available office spaces.

And, making sure these working conditions are safe is key for the benefit of your staff. Electrical enclosures not only add to the high-tech feeling of the environment; you can incorporate these into your designs, but they also ensure that all electrics are easily accessible when needed but out of harm’s way, no matter the number of plugs you need to keep the space running.

Prioritising comfort

Moving back into the workplace after the comfort of our homes is a big transition for some, and accommodating this change in desire for what you get from office space is essential.

Your office should be a place of productivity, but it should also have break-out areas. Being able to spend some time away from the computer can help your staff feel more comfortable and enjoy their workplace.

It’s necessary to consider the ergonomics of your office and the equipment you choose to invest in. Ample natural light can also improve the quality of your office, as your staff can find respite in the softer lighting compared to the harsh overhead lighting of traditional office spaces.

Community workplace

Being back in the office is a chance to improve collaboration and communication between teams. As such, companies are finding the necessity for community spaces within their new office designs.

Curating a space that is functional and fun can help improve creativity and productivity within your staff. No longer do we need bland walls.

Instead, many companies are using their offices as a way of marketing their business, using inspirational quotes, artwork, and seating areas that represent your company and remind your staff why they should be proud to work in this space.

Biophilic design

This design trend encourages the use of plant life and space to create a welcoming and calming environment, even in an office setting.

These offices and interior design solutions tend to be based on nature and ergonomics, providing break-out areas such as netted sitting platforms or meeting rooms adorned with plant-based feature walls.

According to data, 60% of offices don’t have enough access to sunlight, so designing with nature in mind can help you achieve a better, calmer, and more productive environment. So it might be time to ditch the harsh UV lighting and opt for a more natural solution.

Examples of innovative designs

Twitter, San Francisco

Elon Musk has truly changed the design of his Twitter offices, both in New York and San Francisco. In fact, after widespread departures across the company, Musk has been accused of turning the New York office into bedrooms, possibly with a plan to let the trend for employee comfort to different levels.

And his changes don’t end there. As he introduces the redesign of Twitter to X, Musk has put a bright sign above the Twitter headquarters in San Francisco. This is a digital transformation and a half that not only announces the new era of Twitter as a platform but also disturbs any neighbours nearby.

Thankfully, other offices have taken to transitioning their spaces a bit kinder.

Microsoft, Milan

One innovative space is the Microsoft office in Milan. Microsoft has been an innovator on the digital front, and their workspace is no less inventive.

With a priority on comfort and all things natural, this space incorporates the best of both functional and environmental. With wood-based meeting rooms adorned in natural and soft colours, contrasted by high ceilings and large feature lighting, this space feels as modern as Microsoft is, truly embracing the biophilic design.

This workspace incorporates all three trends, ensuring their digital side is met with comfort and community-based designs.

Lego, Denmark

If you are looking for a fun office environment that screams the brand all over it, then the Lego headquarters in Denmark are a true office design marvel.

Not only do they use bold colours, which makes you automatically think of their signature blocks, but the incorporation of a slide into their office adds that unique and eye-catching feature that any guest couldn’t miss.

Their “campus” prioritises colour and unique designs to help inspire creativity and productivity within the workplace.

Viacom, New York

Viacom, the owners of television channels such as Comedy Central and Nickelodeon, ensures that their office space is both professional and appropriate for the engaging work that they create.

Artwork is a standout feature in these office designs. Depending on the department, they have different designs for each, helping break up the larger area into smaller parts without closing one off to the other.

And they have even considered their staff’s wellbeing as a crucial element in their office design, building a wellness centre into the office complex. This prioritises their staff’s need for break-out rooms and makes sure that mental health is important within this setting.

Whether you are looking to brighten up your workspace for the return-to-office or you’re considering how to fit a wellness centre into your current office layout, companies around the world can help inspire creativity.

From comfort to digital transformations, ensuring your office space is adapted to the new needs of your staff can help boost productivity and morale within the workplace.

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