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Inner Light Marbella is a beautiful recovery and sober living facility on a 42-acre residence just outside of the town of Marbella in southern Spain. They approach everything as holistically as possible, providing 24-hour care and comfort to those who are coming out of therapy, in a safe environment that allows for clients to connect with nature while focusing on their recovery.

Inner Light Marbella is not a rehabilitation centre, yet it offers a wide range of therapeutic sessions for those who are in the process of recovery or are beginning their sober living journey. As a result, they do not have any medical facilities but offer services such as cognitive behavioural therapy, dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT), yoga, Pilates, meditation, 12 Step programmes, and relapse prevention therapy. Inner Light Marbella also focuses heavily on the healing that can be found through natural connection, be it hiking, farming, gardening, equine therapy, or enjoying the warm Spanish sunshine.

They offer several kinds of outings as part of their services to help deepen this connection with both nature and clients’ inner selves, such as hiking, swimming, surfing, beach walks, and dolphin or whale watching. Sunrise and sunset watches are also offered, which help to extra emphasize the holistic approach that the center provides and the firmness of the staff’s belief that nature can help and heal all difficulties.

The residence and surrounding landscape itself are incredibly beautiful and designed to put the clients first in every aspect. The residence is 25 minutes from the nearby town of Marbella and aims to be a peaceful environment and a change of pace and scene so clients can focus on recovery and sobriety. The accommodation consists of large, spacious, airy bedrooms, and is equipped with a large rustic kitchen, two large swimming pools, a fire pit, patio area, and lush bountiful garden before stretching out into the farmland beyond.

Clients are provided with three healthy meals a day by professional chefs, continual access to snacks, and a fridge that is restocked daily with fresh food. Inner Light Marbella provides organic vegetables and has chickens that have free roam, which provide fresh eggs daily.

All the staff have some degree of history with addiction, and strongly believe in the importance of treating each person as an individual. Staff are also very aware of clients’ needs, to the extent that devices such as phones and laptops are not limited, and all have access to 24-hour wifi. They also provide Private Life Coaching, sober companions, and recovery coaches to all who need them, as well as detailed aftercare plans and sessions once clients leave the facility.

Ultimately, Inner Light Marbella is an idyllic sanctuary to allow recovering addicts and those needing sober living support to get all of the help that they need, and the time and tranquillity to focus on their mental health and addiction healing. As a result, clients at Inner Light Marbella can heal safely and at the pace they need to so they can successfully move forward in their sober lives.

Ellen Diamond did her degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. She is interested in mental health and well-being.

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