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Injured in a Spinal Accident? This List Can Help

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If you’ve ever been in an accident and severely injured your spine, you know what a scary time it can be. You may be isolated and unsure of where to start in your healing process. Thankfully, there are tons of great resources to help accident victims with spinal injuries understand their options and get the help they so badly need. The following are some tools and sources of help for people suffering from spine injuries that don’t know where to turn.

Natural nerve pain relief

One of the most common outcomes of a spine injury is nerve pain. Your spinal cord is a crucial part of your central nervous system. It contains a whole host of critical nerves that control your other bodily processes. These nerves are hypersensitive, so when there is damage done to the spine, there is almost always damage to the nerves. Depending on the severity of the injury, you may experience a variety of different side effects. From a pinched nerve to actual nerve damage, these injuries can result in intense, and sometimes long-lasting, pain.

The experts at PhytAge Labs are committed to providing pain relief for people suffering from neuropathic pain. They designed their Nerve Control 911 dietary supplement to promote nerve health using all-natural ingredients. These powerful ingredients include marshmallow root, corydalis powder, passionflower herb, California poppy seeds, and prickly pear extract. These ingredients make Nerve Control an effective, safe, and natural solution for people dealing with nerve damage and neuropathic pain. Pain relief doesn’t have to be a scary concept that involves prescription narcotics with addictive properties. Two capsules of Nerve Control a day can begin you on your journey to pain relief and healing. Before taking any supplement, of course, you should always speak to a doctor about dosage and side effects.

Finding legal representation

Arguably one of the most confusing parts of dealing with your spine injury and accident is finding legal representation. It can be scary and easily become overwhelming to find the right lawyer while you’re trying to focus on your healing. The team of experts at the WIN Injury Network understands that it’s your quality of life at stake, and they are determined to get accident victims the justice they deserve. They know that your traumatic injury and resulting medical condition need to be the focus of your case, so you can receive the settlement you deserve in order to seek the proper medical care.

You didn’t ask to be in an accident, and you definitely did not ask for a traumatic injury with long-last effects on your health. Medical bills associated with an accident can begin to quickly add up, especially if your injuries were particularly severe. The legal team at WIN understands that sometimes the only way accident victims can afford their medical bills is through court proceedings and a settlement. This is why they’ve dedicated their careers to supporting accident victims in their time of need. They have extensive experience working with cases involving work-related accidents as well as car accidents, and their team can help get you back on your feet and focus on your healing.

Affordable options for alternative treatments

It’s very common for people who are dealing with traumatic injuries and chronic pain to seek out alternative methods of treatment and relief. Prescription medication is often a scary route to take for some people when it comes to pain relief, and this is completely understandable. This is why alternative treatment options have become so popular in recent years. One of the top treatment options that people are turning to recently is CBD products. While you should always consult with your primary medical provider before starting a CBD regimen, if your doctor agrees CBD products are the right treatment option for your situation, there are tons of great options out there for you to choose from.

For example, cbdMD is one line of CBD products that are changing the way in which people approach pain relief. The experts and enthusiasts at CBD Nerds have compiled an in-depth review of the cbdMD brand, and they’ve also included links to a cbdMD coupon for new users. The cbdMD line of products includes a wide variety of THC-free options for users. With their range of CBD oils, tinctures, topicals, gummies, creams, capsules, and so much more, there is a great option out there for everyone.

The importance of medical care and physical therapy

Any serious injury is cause for medical attention. Whether you really feel like you need medical care or not, you should seek out a medical provider for advice on how to navigate your injury. There are a wide variety of incidents that can cause spine trauma, and depending on the severity of the accident and resulting spine injury, you’ll need to meet with a medical professional, so they access the damage. The spine trauma experts at the Centers for Neurosurgery, Spine, and Orthopedics have extensive experience working with spine trauma and spinal cord injuries. Their team of neurosurgeons and spine surgeons have dedicated their careers to providing high-quality, personalized care to patients with complex injuries.

Spine surgery is a major step for accident victims, and it comes with its own course for recovery. Your spine surgeon can create a surgical plan that will provide you relief from neck pain, joint pain, and other neuropathic pain causes. They can also help eliminate the chance of paralysis, which is present with any spinal cord injury. This surgical plan isn’t complete without a plan for aftercare. One of the most important parts of recovery is meeting with a physical therapist. This type of specialist can help you slowly regain strength and function in the areas of your body that are healing.

Wearing supportive clothing

If you’re a woman who has experienced a traumatic spine injury, your healing process will be unique. Because it is so important that your back stays aligned and stable during the healing process, you’re going to need to make some critical adjustments to your wardrobe, starting with your bras. Supportive clothing is a must for women dealing with a spinal cord injury, especially women with larger breasts.

SOMA’s racerback bras offer style, comfort, and support for you while you navigate your journey to healing. The best way to support your spine while also supporting your chest is with the racerback style bra. The design of the racerback bra includes multiple straps with a broader structure. This allows the weight of your chest to be more evenly spread out, as opposed to the traditional underwire bra style that has the two main bra straps with no back support. The way your bra fits and feels can have a huge impact on the way your body heals during this time. This is why it’s so important to prioritize comfort and support by switching the racerback bra style.

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