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3 Ingredients That Help Boost Testosterone Production in Men

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Men whose testosterone levels fall below 300 ng/dL are deemed to be suffering from low testosterone. This essential male hormone is produced by the gonads and adrenal glands. It’s responsible for the development of masculine characteristics such as the growth of facial hair, increased lean muscle mass and the formation of strong bones.

Men with low testosterone levels will exhibit some telltale symptoms that include lethargy, low sex drive, fat gain and irritability. The good news is, there are some natural remedies that can boost your T levels and alleviate these undesirable symptoms. For instance, you can consume some supplements that boost testosterone production in men. These T-boosters are packed with a variety of potent ingredients that effectively enhance the body’s ability to produce testosterone.

Why is testosterone so important?

Apart from facilitating the healthy development of bones, muscles and body tissue in growing children, this androgen hormone is also responsible for regulating metabolism and sperm production. Thanks to testosterone, adolescent boys will develop a deeper voice and their pubic hair will grow. Their muscle mass and body strength will also increase progressively.

In addition to these physical changes, testosterone also plays an important role in mood regulation and boosting mental health. Men with suboptimal levels of this essential hormone will generally have brittle bones, tender breast tissue, infertility problems, poor concentration and even depression.

Optimizing your testosterone levels not only prevents these unpleasant symptoms from developing but also improves men’s overall wellbeing.

3 Top ingredients that help boost testosterone production in men

Ashwagandha extract

Also known as winter cherry, ashwagandha is a special herb that belongs to the nightshade family. It has an assortment of health benefits that include reducing blood cholesterol, lowering stress levels and treating anxiety. More importantly, ashwagandha has been found to boost testosterone levels among men. One recent study that was published by the National Library of Medicine identified an increase of 14.7% in testosterone among men who took ashwagandha over the course of sixteen weeks.

Although more research is required, the current data shows a positive link between ashwagandha extract and testosterone. When choosing a T boosting supplement, it’s important to confirm whether your preferred pills include ashwagandha in their list of ingredients. You can also source this natural ingredient in liquid, powder or tablet form by visiting a health store or vendor.


Boron is a trace mineral and antioxidant that provides many health boons. One scientific review that was conducted in 2015 found that boron elevates levels of free testosterone among men by about 25%. Boron also metabolizes testosterone more effectively, boosting the concentration of this vital hormone and ensuring that it circulates freely within your blood system. the body uses this free testosterone to enhance sexual function, optimize gym performance, facilitate the growth of lean muscle and more.

Taking as little as 6 mg of boron can cause T levels to improve dramatically. Apart from boosting blood testosterone levels, boron was also found to reduce estradiol – a unique form of estrogen – by around 50%. Too much estradiol in the male body causes testosterone to decline significantly, leading to increased fat storage and reduced muscle mass. Boron also helps lower inflammation, improve libido and enhance nutrient absorption in the body.

Red ginseng

The Korean red ginseng is associated with a plethora of health benefits such as boosting immunity, lowering stress and enhancing heart health. Also referred to as Panax Ginseng, this adaptogen is widely used in Chinese medicine and modern treatments to boost stamina and treat impotence. Numerous studies have been conducted to identify the link between red ginseng extract and testosterone. Research shows that ginsenoside, the active compound found in ginseng, causes serum testosterone to increase slightly.

Red ginseng helps enhance sexual performance and treat premature ejaculation among aging men. In addition, this natural ingredient is also known to slow down the aging process, boost focus and enhance physical stamina. It’s a crucial component of all the best testosterone boosting supplements in the market. Women can also enjoy remarkable benefits once they start consuming panax ginseng. For instance, this root may boost sexual function among menopausal women.


Men’s testosterone levels decline gradually once they hit thirty years old. This sudden reduction in T levels can trigger undesirable side-effects such as abdominal fat gain, increased fatigue, lower sec drive and depression. Consuming a high-quality T-booster that contains a blend of natural ingredients – including those discussed above – can help optimise blood testosterone levels and treat an array of health conditions.

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