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Inflation Rise Has a Negative Effect of Britain’s Sleep Habits

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With living costs and inflation set to hit a 30-year high this coming April, as reported by the BBC, many Brits are facing worries so fierce that it’s keeping them up at night. Sleep experts at Crafted Beds have analysed search trends around standard sleep terms in 2022 to uncover and help solve the issue.

The research found that Google searches for the simple phrase ‘can’t sleep are’ currently the highest they’ve been since 2004. While multiple factors may have contributed to this, the experts looked explicitly at the rates for January 2022, when the British public became aware of the inflation rise. This revealed that over 18,000 Brits searched for the term in January. 

As news of further inflation rises hit the headlines this past week, the experts analysed data from the previous seven days. This unveiled that searches for the term ‘why can’t I sleep at night’ have risen by 80%, and ‘how to fall asleep fast’ are up by 50%. 

To help tackle the issue, the sleep experts have used search data to discover the UK’s favourite techniques to fall asleep and provided tips on how to apply them to your bedroom routine – especially when financial worries are keeping you awake at night. 

Experts at the luxury bed company said on the data: ‘It’s devastating to see how much the British public’s sleep has been affected by the inflation rise, but there are plenty of things to try before worrying about inconsistency in your sleeping pattern.

‘While you can purchase items to aid sleep, such as CBD oil or lavender sleep spray, we recommend sticking to the free options first to stop unnecessary spending. YouTube has some great guided sleep meditations alongside general sleep music and even sleep stories to help you drift off.’

‘If you use services like Spotify or Apple Music, you can find pre-curated playlists perfect for sleep. You can also find mobile audiobook apps that offer free listening for specific publications, which have been known to help people drift off while listening to a familiar story.’

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