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Dina Relojo

Pros and Cons of Independent Living

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Moving out of your parent’s house is one of the most complex decisions, especially if you grow up in a family-oriented culture. There are tons of lists of pros and cons to doing it. So, start first the list to be considered and decide as an adult. It is a big leap to make and a move forward into adulthood, however hard it may seem.

Moving out is one of the signs of stepping mark out of childhood and being ready to embrace the independence and self-reliance of adulthood – though it is undeniable that there are also triggering factors why we end up moving out of our parents’ house aside from the freedom we all wanted and the reality of being an adult.

Pros of moving out

  • You will experience greater privacy and freedom
  • Having your own rules to live by
  • Help you to develop your self-esteem and self-reliance as you learn to live on your own
  • Open new opportunities for you to try different and new things that you are being hindered when you are in your parents’ house

Cons of moving out

Moving out is a drastic change in anyone’s life who are considering finally doing it. To help you finalise your decision, here are some of the things to be considered. 

  • Don’t make this decision accordingly to your current emotion
  • Know your status financially
  • Communicate and always keep in touch, especially with your family
  • Work out acceptable behaviour, especially if you are considering having a roommate
  • Do not be shy about asking for help

If you are thinking about it thoroughly, if you want to try it, if you start to look for a place, if you begin to compute your possible expenses, if you’re clinging to still being able to class yourself as ‘late 20s’, it is time. Whatever is stopping you, you can overcome it.

Go and embrace your independence and all the challenges and adventures it brings. And always remember that years from now, it will be more regretful and disappointing in things you didn’t do and didn’t try something you want than regret in trying and doing it after all. Grab whatever chances the universe has given you in your life. Do it and try it as much as possible; learn and grow from it.

Dina Relojo is the social media manager of Psychreg. She is a high school teacher from the Philippines.


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