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Increasing Sexual Frequency in Your Relationship

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I believe that many people have dabbled in feeling that when a relationship has just begun, the partners are often very sweet and sex life will be very active. Many people hope that the honeymoon period in a relationship can continue, but the relationship between partners will often be affected for various reasons, such as work pressure, family reasons, bad mood or illness, etc. These factors will affect our libido and the frequency of sex.

To maintain a good frequency of sex in a long-term relationship, it requires certain skills and related knowledge. In this article, I will take you through how to maintain your sex drive in a long-term relationship and make the frequency of sex more consistent. Learning more about sex can also help, so feel free to read more sex-related blogs on inyarose.

Common causes of sexual dry spells

Recently, a study has shown that about 1 in 3 women and 1 in 7 men in long-term relationships feel a loss of libido and a loss of interest in sexual activity. And more than 50 percent of couples in long-term relationships suffer from conditions such as declining libido and differences in sexual desire to varying degrees. Difficulty with libido is the most common problem couples encounter when undergoing sex therapy, and I’m going to take you through some of the factors that may be negatively affecting your sexual experience.

Factors contributing to sexual dry spells

  • Busy lifestyle and stress. Nowadays, people are so busy that it is often difficult for them to make time for intimate activities, and under the influence of work pressure, the libido will be suppressed to a certain extent. This is when people tend to put sex on the back burner, thus reducing sexual activity.
  • Decreasing physical health. A healthy body is the basis for ensuring a harmonious sexual life. Nowadays, many people lack the habit of exercising, and coupled with a long period of time working in the office, being sedentary will also burden the testicles by increasing the temperature of the testicles. Lack of a healthy body may make the sexual experience worse; if the body has some diseases, it will also lead to a decline in the quality of sex.
  • Low self-esteem. Some people grow up with sex education that tells them that sex is shameful, and this mentality can lead to a sense of shame about sex, and such feelings can increase the psychological burden during sex. This mentality also affects the partner’s sexual experience, which can lead to bad sexual activity.
  • Medication side effects. If you are taking some of the medicines, such as antidepressants, they may also bring about the side effect of loss of libido. If you find yourself affected by the side effects of these medications, you can consult a medical professional who will be able to provide you with further guidance.
  • Emotional and physical distance from the partner. Some people may have some emotional or psychological difficulties, which can also affect the intimacy and frequency of sex with a partner in a long-term relationship. It is possible to seek help from a sex therapist or counsellor for these problems.

Fostering an emotional connection with Your Partner

Building an emotional foundation during sex requires effort on the part of everyone, and only when both partners are working towards the same goal will you get the rewards you desire.

  • Accept shortcomings and shortcomings. As adults, we should have the courage to recognise ourselves correctly and communicate with your partner about your true feelings, which can help us create a sincere communication environment and bring you closer to each other psychologically.
  • Keep curiosity. People are always changing, pay attention to the growth of your partner; keep curious about your partner, give encouragement while understanding the changes in each other; and keep up to date with each other’s thoughts.
  • Maintain a unified stance. To stay stable in a relationship for a long time, you need to build a sense of security and trust, both emotionally and spiritually, learn to maintain a consistent stance with your partner; and support them when they need companionship.
  • Authenticity. Be genuine in your interactions with your partner. Being genuine is what will allow you to connect emotionally. Share your true thoughts and feelings with your partner and listen attentively when they need it.

These methods can help you and your partner to increase emotional intimacy. Remember that sincere communication with your partner is the key. Understand each other’s needs and share your true feelings so that you can have a more stable relationship.

A guide to revitalise your sexual life

To make your sex life more consistent in terms of frequency, then you need to add some new excitement and novel experiences to your relationship.

You can try these methods

  • Try new sex positions. Many couples feel bored with their sex lives because they often use the same positions in sex, which will make people lose their sense of anticipation for sex. Try new sexual positions with each other more often; this will not only help you and your partner to explore the pleasure of new positions, but may also help you unlock new ways to orgasm.
  • Seek help for problems. Some people may experience some obstacles to their sexual functioning, and it’s important to seek the help of a doctor in a timely manner so that a professional can help you solve these problems.
  • Incorporate sex toys. Sex toys have many benefits for enhancing pleasure during sexual activity, and there are different toys available for different parts of the body. If you like the pleasure of clitoral stimulation or the pleasure of sucking, I recommend the rose toy, a clitoral sucking toy that not only has a beautiful rose shape but also has ten adjustable sucking positions. It’s both beautiful and practical, and now it’s available at a special discounted price! Use it for incredible orgasms.
  • Add fun to sex. A sexy enough vibe can help a lot during sex. Try playing some fun sex-related games, such as sex flight chess or board games. You can also wear some sexy lingerie to increase the sense of atmosphere and passion during sex.

For a more passionate and pleasurable sexual life, you need to be more active in exploring your partner’s desires, communicating honestly with each other, and being brave enough to admit your needs and preferences. Intimacy is a joint effort, and positive interactions allow you to deepen your connection with each other, leading to more positive feedback. These efforts will ultimately make your sex better.

Samantha Green, a psychology graduate from the University of Hertfordshire, has a keen interest in the fields of mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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