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How to Increase Workout Intensity with an Ab Roller? 

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A healthy core is a key to a healthy life. Due to our lifestyle habits, our posture gets disturbed, and our core becomes weak over time. But, if you continue exercising and work on your fitness, your core will be strong. Ab wheel is a simple piece of equipment that you can use at gyms or even homes to build a stronger core and lose fat.

When your goal is to build a stronger core and get defined ab muscles, you need to go the extra mile. Ab roller is the perfect tool to take your workouts to an extreme level. Due to extreme and high-intensity workouts with the help of an ab roller, your core strength gets better.

Ab roller is the best gym equipment that you can use to fight that stubborn belly fat. It is a common tool frequently used in strength training and gives you defined and toned abs. You can do several exercises to target your abs with the help of an ab roller. It is easy to use and helps power up all your ab workouts.

Tips to increase workout intensity

Ab roller can take your core workout to the next level. It has a wheel attached which glides smoothly over any surface. When you do any exercise with the help of an ab roller, you need to control the movement. With your control over-exercise, you can increase the intensity of exercise. Ab rollers work their magic and give you a sweaty workout easily.

If you are looking to increase the intensity of your ab workout, then the ab wheel is the best option. With an ab roller workout, you will feel a visible difference in your abs. Some of the muscles that ab roller will tone are:

  • Glutes
  • Abs and oblique
  • Shoulders
  • Triceps
  • Chest
  • Back
  • Hamstring

The ab roller targets several muscle groups, which adds one more point to its effectiveness and usage. An exercise such as rolling or moving plank will tone your entire body. The ab roller will challenge your strength and force you to work out high intensity. However, there are some tips to follow even if you are using an ab roller:

Adjust training frequency

Ab rollers are the best option to speed up your results and intensify your ab workouts. But, it is essential to adjust the training days with ab rollers. If you excessively use an ab roller, your body might not produce effective results. It is best to limit the usage of ab roller to five days a week.

In this way, your body will rest sufficiently. Doing quality reps in five days would be better than overdoing it all on days of the week.

Do not over-train

Overtraining syndrome can affect the normal functioning of your body. Due to excessive exercise, you overwork your muscles, and so it becomes challenging to do workouts on other days. Ab rollers challenge your strength. If you use it daily, your body will strain, and your abs will not get toned anymore.

It is essential to adjust the training time with an ab roller to see the best results. Besides, using an ab roller will strengthen your muscles, but at the same time, you will experience muscular problems due to weakness in other areas.

Schedule your workout

The frequency of using the ab roller highly depends on your fitness level. It is also dependent on other exercises you are doing. If your workout plan includes cardio for more than three days, then you should be adjusting your workout with an ab roller.

Switch up your routine now and then so that your muscles are habitual of change. It will also help in maximising the effectiveness of the ab roller.

Exercise on a non-slip surface

Ab roller glides on the floor. It has a wheel made from quality rubber that can work perfectly on any floor. Since it is smooth, it will glide easily and without any effort. So, you need to ensure your safety here as you might get hurt while doing exercises.

If the floor is slippery, the wheel might move excessively. So, make sure that you are exercising on an anti-slip surface to make your exercises more effective.

Practise your grip

Ab roller is a perfect piece of equipment that demands a perfect grip from your side. If you do not hold it properly, you might get hurt. It also has two resting pads that you can use to rest your elbows to ensure your safety.

You need to have a perfect grip on the handle of the ab wheel so that you can do your exercises without any inconvenience. Practice your grip and see the magic it brings for you.

Fix your body alignment

When doing an ab roller workout, you need to make sure that you engage all your muscle groups. With that, it is also essential to work on your body alignment to increase the workout’s effectiveness. If exercise is easy for you, you are doing it wrong.

While doing an ab roller workout, your back should be flat, and you should not drop your hips. If your posture is not right, you might end up hurting your lower back.

Never skip warmup

Jumping to do an ab roller exercise right after you get on the mat is not a good idea. You should perform a quick warmup routine before all your exercises to prepare your muscles and body for the upcoming high-intensity exercises. Your exercises will be a lot safer because of warmup.

The warmup is extremely important for your overall health. The warmup exercises improve your flexibility and also reduce the risk of injury.

Take it slow

When using an ab wheel, it is essential to start slow. A controlled movement will help you to master the overall technique. Once you are familiar with the ab roller, you can increase the intensity. But, when you are new to it, give yourself some time to learn it.

Apart from keeping yourself safe, a slow and controlled movement will also help induce more burns to your abs. Rather than rushing, take it slow and challenge your abs.

Invest in quality ab roller

The best tip is to decide wisely while purchasing an ab roller for yourself. Invest in a quality ab roller so that you do not have to face any problem afterward. The Dmoose ab roller is the perfect option for you. You can exercise easily with its ultra-wide wheel, resting elbow pads, and a safe handle.

It will glide easily on a smooth surface. It will improve your core strength and overall body condition. You can also lose belly fat with the help of this roller.

Follow rhythmic breathing

One of the common mistakes that many people make is holding their breath while doing an ab workout as it gets harder and more challenging. A correct breathing pattern can help make your workout effective and fruitful. In the same way, it is also necessary to follow breathing during an ab roller workout.

Exhale while you are rolling forward and inhale when returning to the original position. It will maximise your workout results.

Final thoughts

Ab rollers are no doubt perfect equipment that you can use to increase the intensity of your workouts. With their help, you can get a slim, toned, and strong body. It is important to purchase the right ab roller for yourself. If you choose the best quality, your ab roller will last longer.

A slight variation in the exercises with the help of an ab roller can go a long way. Ensuring your safety and starting slow with an ab roller is necessary. Once you are comfortable doing exercises and know how to balance your body, increase the number of reps to see massive results.

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