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4 Fun Tips to Improve Workplace Morale

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Let’s face it: If you spend 40 hours a week sitting in the same office building, things can start to get pretty mundane and repetitive. This can start to take its toll on the mental health of you and your coworkers. 

There are so many ways for office managers or business owners to stave off boredom and boost morale. Check out this quick list of fun ways to make office life more enjoyable for everybody involved:

Find time for gift-giving

There’s hardly anybody that doesn’t enjoy receiving a gift, so extend that thoughtful courtesy to the people of your office! It doesn’t need to be a costly gift to bring a smile to somebody’s face. The actual gift you’re looking for will depend on what kind of office you spend your days in. The best gift ideas for doctors aren’t necessarily the best ideas for a sales department manager.

The best part about gift-giving is that it fits into even the busiest office schedules. You can make this a thoughtful one-on-one moment or take a few seconds to leave a present on your colleague’s desk. 

Issue workplace challenges

Whether it’s an ‘Employee of the Month’ challenge or seeing who can run the fastest mile, nothing adds some healthy spice to the workplace like a competition between coworkers! Just make sure that there’s no reason for the participants to take it too seriously. 

If management is involved, don’t offer things like bonuses or days off in large quantities. Keep it light and fun.

Decorate the workplace

Consider loosening any policies that your office has regarding personal decorations. As long as your employees and coworkers aren’t putting up anything vulgar or offensive; especially if customers pass through the area. Otherwise, this encourages people to express themselves and make their space more personal. 

If the people at your office share a common space to do work, consider getting a few dedicated coworkers together to decorate the area. It’s a great way to get to know your co-workers, bond, and liven up the room. It’s much better than constantly being surrounded by sterile, white walls on all sides.

Acknowledge major occasions

They say that you shouldn’t mix your work life with your personal life, but that doesn’t mean you can’t talk to your coworkers about what’s going on at home. If somebody in the office has been talking about a big day coming up (a birthday, a wedding, or maybe graduation), set aside some time to celebrate as a group.

This goes for life’s major hardships, as well. If you hear about a coworker going through some tough times, you don’t have to make a big spectacle about it, but it might mean a lot to them if they received a card filled with sympathies or some money to help with a financial crisis

The members of your office are a team. Boost morale simply by expressing support for everyone.


Regardless of whether you’re a nurse in a physician’s office or the new face in an accounting department, the countless hours you spend at work can really start to wear on your brain. 

Hopefully, you can use some ideas presented in this list to brighten the workday for everybody in your office. We recommend getting a decorating committee together and planning a spontaneous mixer to celebrate a great team. A celebration of their hard work might what lifts everyone’s spirits the most.  

Dennis Relojo-Howell is the managing director of Psychreg.


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