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How to Thrive and Improve Mental Well-being by Increasing the Self-Love Practice

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Resilience, wellness life coach and author, Suzi B, is on a mission to help people positively navigate change and live their best with her latest book: ‘Born to Love’. An effective guide to aid people in managing their emotional and mental well-being on a day-to-day basis, something which is more important now than ever.

The past year has been tough for many due to the extreme measures put in place to help slow down the spread of coronavirus. Social distancing, isolation, furlough and unemployment have all contributed towards mental and financial challenges for many people all over the world. As the pandemic continues, and life as we know it changes, we need to consider the undeniable impact that this may have on our mental health, our relationships, and our overall well-being.

Past epidemics have evidenced the medium to long term impact on mental health. As an example, nearly 50% of SARS survivors in Hong Kong experienced post-traumatic stress disorder with half of those people reporting effects after 30 months.

Suzi wants to help people not only stay calm and positive during these tough times, but to turn fears into love, trust and love themselves deeply, boost their emotional and mental resilience, and thrive. With over 20 years of experience as a life coach, mentor, qualified in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and hypnotherapy, Suzi can help people uncover powerful ways of making what they want from life, happen.

‘Born to Love’ is a short read, packed with hours of quality coaching and advice. Suzi helps people to change and improve their mindset, focus on what they do want to achieve and not all the darkness and negativity, so that we can mentally and emotionally grow by guiding readers through lots of easy to follow exercises. She says: ‘There will always be issues, tension and problems, it’s not your job to control every negative influence that comes into your life, this would be unrealistic. But I can give you the tools to help you overcome difficulties, navigate change positively, heal, and help you reach your full potential.’

Suzi lives with her husband and two sons in West Sussex. She says: ‘I’ve always been a free spirit and surrounded myself with loving things, adventure, nature. Like many, life hasn’t always been positive for me. However, through all life’s complications, I chose to love and accept everything, which helped me to mentally thrive, no matter what the circumstances. I’ve learnt to overcome and change many toxic and negative relationships in my life, including anxiety, avoiding depression and changing my relationships with alcohol, smoking and recreational drugs. I am now proud that I can use my experiences to help others.’

Suzi recognises that everyone experiences trauma at some point in their lives and that a lot of people are dealing with a rainbow of emotions at any given time, but knows when they choose to love, love themselves, heal, let go, forgive, trust, learn, connect and receive an intervention, they are ensuring past events do not negatively affect their own lives and future generations.

You can purchase your copy of Born to Love, a thought-provoking and positive read, from Amazon @ £6.99. Suzi also offers free £1 of every sale will go directly to charity Mind, providing advice, support and signposting to empower anyone experiencing mental and emotional challenges.

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