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The Importance of Job Satisfaction and Why You Should Be Striving for It

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The majority of people work for a living. Whether this is living to work or working to live, is a completely different conversation. But in most cases, people work because they need to provide for themselves and their families and meet other commitments. Job satisfaction is an ambiguous term and one that is open to many different interpretations. Some would regard it as being able to live and work comfortably with your work routine and compensation. Others would argue that job satisfaction refers to being happy, content and fulfilled with the work you do on a daily basis – encompassing things such as challenge, opportunity, reward, work environment and purpose. Think carefully, how would you describe job satisfaction?

Why is it important?

Some people struggle to realise that job satisfaction is something that they can work towards and acquire. Too many work day-to-day wishing they could do something else, only to go home at the end of the day and forget all about it until the next morning. Living a life you don’t want to lead is only going to have drastic impacts on your mental and physical health. And the longer you leave it, the bigger impact it has on your relationships and wider life. Job satisfaction is, in many ways, life satisfaction – so why not try to achieve it?

Those that are ‘satisfied’ in their jobs are more likely to benefit from higher levels of motivation in all parts of their life and be more engaged with their day-to-day responsibilities in and out of the workplace. Furthermore, personal and professional development will occur when you are pushed outside of your comfort zone and fulfilled by what you are setting your sights on. Your job or occupation is so integral to your livelihood that it should be the first place you are looking to make yourself happier in life – not trying to paper over the cracks in other areas.

How can you go about achieving it?

There are many options to consider if you aren’t feeling satisfied with your job or career. The best or most convenient option may even be staring at you in the face. Perhaps all you need is some more responsibility or a new challenge in your current workplace – if so, then ask for it. A new position, project or challenge at your current company may be all you need to revitalise your current situation and put you on a path to job satisfaction.

You may need a more drastic change in the form of a new employer or industry. This will be a less straightforward change, but if it will give you a new lease on life and make you more content in your job then it surely must be worth it. If you need to go even further, you may even think about retraining altogether and striving for a completely new career. Do you fancy trading an office job for working with your hands and tools such as spanners, sockets and wrenches? Skilled labourers are reportedly some of the most satisfied in their occupations because they have a greater sense of connection with their skills and livelihood. 

Hopefully the above may have inspired you to think about your current situation and look towards making the first steps to a more enjoyable and satisfactory life. Why not make a change today?

Zuella Montemayor did her degree in psychology at the University of Toronto. She is interested in mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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