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Behold Retreats Launches Immersive 7-week Life Accelerator Programme

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What if you had the power to achieve any goal, every time? In 2021, Behold Retreats, specialists in bespoke psychedelic plant medicine journeys, is giving leaders the chance to elevate their consciousness, gain clarity, and fulfil their true long-term potential through a seven-week life accelerator programme. The programme consists of three weeks of guided introspection and preparation, a seven-day guided plant medicine retreat in an idyllic location, and an additional three weeks of post-retreat integration to achieve heightened performance, well-being, and long-lasting psychological growth. 

A pre-Covid study published by Forbes found that 72% of entrepreneurs are affected by mental health challenges. In the middle of a global pandemic, executives, entrepreneurs, and business leaders the world over are facing similar pressures in the face of unprecedented uncertainty. Recognising that the human experience is limited primarily by conscious thought, it’s possible for leaders to improve mental well-being and consciousness regardless of outside circumstances, and plant medicine is evidenced to help. Therapeutic use enables access to the subconscious to identify and overcome underlying limiting beliefs, gain clarity to achieve personal and professional goals, and enhance the quality of life.

Behold Retreats’ journeys are designed to heighten levels of consciousness through self-inquiry, coaching, and the use of science-backed entheogen plant medicine like ayahuasca, psilocybin, and the San Pedro cactus. In modern times, these ancient medicines have been proven by leading academic institutions to facilitate deep introspection, self-analysis, improve emotional processing, and treat conditions such as anxiety and depression. The medicines have also been shown to promote neurogenesis – or the creation of new neurons and neural connections in the brain – which underpins the explanations for these life-changing benefits. 

In his book, The Map of Consciousness Explained, notable psychiatrist, author, and spiritual teacher Dr David Hawkins demonstrates the relationship between emotions, levels of consciousness, and human potential. By mapping emotions onto a scale – from low-level emotions like shame and guilt to higher-level emotions like love and joy – Hawkins explains why we enjoy spending time with certain people and sometimes avoid others. He has made tangible the idea that we are typically energised by people who have a higher vibration – those that radiate positivity and inherent happiness – and can feel drained by those who have lower vibrations, such as those who exhibit negativity or anger. As a result, our emotions, and by extension, our level of consciousness, directly reflect our experience of the world. It follows, then, that improving our level of consciousness will directly improve our quality of life. 

At the top end of Dr Hawkins’s scale, people live persistently in emotional states such as love, joy, and peace. As people reach these higher states of consciousness, and experience seismic shifts in associated thought patterns, they often make dramatic life changes, feeling compelled to dive more deeply into topics such as meditation, the arts, writing, movement, and spirituality. Alongside plant medicine, Behold Retreats incorporates many of these modalities – especially meditation, yoga, and guided self-inquiry – providing clients with a fast-track path to higher levels of consciousness.

Jonathan de Potter, founder of Behold Retreats, said: ‘While it’s not exactly new, the work of Dr Hawkins is truly a game-changer, and establishes a clear link between emotions, levels of consciousness, and human potential, providing a map to guide our thinking and behaviour to reach an elevated state of emotional well-being and consciousness. At Behold Retreats, we guide our clients to deepen self-understanding, gain clarity, and break through to fulfil their true potential, with expert guidance for safety and confidence along the journey.’

Behold Retreats’ seven-week life accelerator programme, including a weeklong plant medicine retreat, starts from $8,300 per person. Bookings can be made here

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