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10 Iconic Dishes as Seen in the Movies

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Movies are designed to take the audience and transport them directly into the scene in front of them, complete with all five senses. While it’s easy to accomplish sight and sound, the less obvious sensations of touch, smell, and taste are only apparent with top-quality films.

We see this in action most frequently with food scenes. Some film set gloss over the meal and make the food a side prop. Others turn the food into the main subject so well that we pay more attention to what’s on the table than what the stars are saying.

Here are ten examples of when iconic dishes outshone the movie script to the point that we remember the food more than we do the rest of the film.

  • Snow White’s Gooseberry Pie. No one wants the evil queen’s apple, but we all want to know what was in that pie that won Grumpy over. No, it’s not made from a goose! If you want to bring your favorite movies to real life, why not start by cooking the famous dishes from the movies? If you like Disney’s popular Snow White movie, you will love Keesha’s Kitchen’s Gooseberry Pie Recipe.
  • Ratatouille’s Veggie Dish. We don’t recommend hiring a rat to cook your meals, but we’ll gladly taste your version of the recipe for Ratatouille’s famous vegetable plate. With so many varieties of this famous dish, you can tweak them all and make your own.
  • Spaghetti and Meatballs a la Lady and the Tramp. This scene made spaghetti and meatballs the ultimate romantic dinner dish. However, most of us don’t eat ours as classily as Lady does, and instead of romantic, we end up with a saucy mess.
  • Beetlejuice’s Shrimp Cocktail. No cocktail party is complete with a shrimp dish. Since Beetlejuice hit the scene with the classic shrimp boat dance, who can eat a shrimp cocktail without breaking out in song?
  • The $5 Pulp Fiction Milkshake. In the movie, Vincent thinks $5 is a lot to pay for a milkshake. At today’s prices, that’s average. But if you want a cheap and tasty vanilla shake, we suggest you make your own.
  • Willie Wonka’s Chocolate River. The river that spawned a million hungry viewers’ love for chocolate fountains began with this movie.
  • Julie & Julia’s Beef Bourguignon: You don’t have to spell it or say it right to make this delicious dish. Follow the narrator’s steps in the movie, and you’ll have a close copy of Julie’s masterpiece.
  • Marie Antoinette’s Macarons. Famous for her ‘Let them eat cake’ speech, Marie Antoinette didn’t quite understand the common folk’s diet. But we forgive her because she introduced us to the delicious macarons on her table in this movie.
  • The Great Outdoors Steak. John Candy cemented his place in comedy history when he tried to win a contest eating a massive steak. Although the last of the ‘gristle and fat’ isn’t something most of us would enjoy, watching him devour the tender, juicy slab of meat made our mouths water.

Double-Stacked Saturday Night Fever Pizza. You thought you knew how to eat a slice of pizza until John Travolta came on the scene. In his iconic movie, Saturday Night Fever, John showed us that pizza isn’t truly done right until you’ve double-stacked your slices.

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