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5 IBD Remedies You Need to Know About

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Inflammatory bowel disease or IBD is one of the most common chronic illnesses that affects millions of people globally. Whether it manifests as Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis, the range of symptoms that IBD patients endure include diarrhea, sharp abdominal pains, and weight loss. But beyond the disease’s physical manifestations is its toll on a person’s mental health and well-being, triggering lifelong anxiety and depression. 

The National Center of Biotechnology Information reports that 20 new IBD cases emerge annually in every 1,000 people. At this rate, experts estimate that there will be 305 new cases by December 2023 with a 95% prediction interval of 156.6 to 454.3 – comparable to the projected figures in December 2021.

While there is currently no known cure for IBD, innovative organisations are making waves in the healthcare industry by providing equally accessible and effective IBD remedies on a global scale. Here are 5 leading treatments that have broken barriers in easing the pains of IBD patients:

The CurQD protocol by Evinature

Evinature, the leading cutting-edge research in integrative therapies for IBD, discovered the CurQD Protocol, which offers a set of natural and clinically proven regimens, personalised to address each stage of the condition. The process is now simplified to benefit from home comfort. By taking the free online assessment, patients can determine the most effective protocol for their specific needs. The progress of patients will be tracked and guided through each stage with regular free follow-ups and full clinic support.

By taking only four pills each day for six weeks, patients can expect a high degree of effectiveness in treating their condition. Each treatment protocol is carefully formulated as determined by placebo-controlled clinical trials. Moreover, regular adjustments are made to the protocol as needed to ensure the best possible results.

FX856 by Ferryx

Ferryx originated in 2019 as a spin-off from the University of Bristol, aiming to commercialize their anti-inflammatory bacterial products for the benefit of humans and animals. These unique bacterial products can be created as either prescription therapeutics or food supplements, and Ferryx Ltd plans to license them to marketing and distribution partners to enter the market.

Their lead product, known as FX856, is a rationally selected bacterial strain and has proven to possess anti-inflammatory properties in typical gastrointestinal disease models. The strain is effective even during the active stages of the disease and can be safely consumed, with a manufacturing process that can be scaled as necessary. Additionally, it enjoys exemptions from regulatory requirements, including GRAS recognition in the USA and QPS approval in Europe.

CLB-004 programme by ClostraBio

Biotech company ClostraBio focuses on treating ulcerative colitis and food allergy. They use a unique polymer platform to deliver bacterial metabolites directly to the gut. These polymers, also known as CLB-004, can deliver butyrate in a controlled and prolonged manner in the ileum, cecum, and colon – the same locations where butyrate is produced by commensal bacteria in healthy individuals. The goal of their research is to develop treatments that can help restore the compromised protective barrier function in the intestines. 

The company is also investigating the therapeutic potential of bacterial metabolites as a treatment option for immune-mediated diseases, with a particular emphasis on IBD and food allergies.

Tissue reconstruction by TISSIUM

TISSIUM was established in 2013 to find a solution to a long-standing medical problem – the restoration of damaged tissues and the recovery of their original functionality through surgical procedures. After discovering their first polymer in the labs of Bob Langer and Jeff Karp at MIT, TISSIUM quickly realized the immense potential of their technology to transform tissue reconstruction in various therapeutic fields.

Currently, TISSIUM is advancing in the preclinical testing of a new adhesive for repairing hernias, as well as a solution to enhance patient results for individuals affected by inflammatory bowel disease.

Positive psychology by Trellus Health

Trellus Health is a top-notch provider of resilience-based care for intricate chronic ailments. Unlike any other digital health organization, it concentrates on the patient’s overall well-being with a resilience-centered approach. Its personalised holistic support system enhances the health and well-being of individuals with chronic conditions like IBD.

1 in 4 IBD patients becomes depressed, often within the first two years of diagnosis. This is the void that Trellus Health fills in with its Positive Psychology programme. The scientific examination of positive emotions, character traits, and the environments that contribute to human flourishing is known as Positive Psychology. Positive Psychology methods are employed to foster resilience and promote strength among individuals who suffer from chronic illnesses.

Ellen Diamond, a psychology graduate from the University of Hertfordshire, has a keen interest in the fields of mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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