Ian Hamilton

Ian Hamilton is a lecturer in mental health in the Department of Health Sciences of the University of York, with an interest in the relationship between substance use and mental health (Dual Diagnosis). He is also a registered mental health nurse.

He trained and worked as a mental health nurse in South London, working with people who had a severe mental health problem and used drugs or alcohol problematically. He joined the Department in 2004 as a lecturer. His interest in this client group has continued through his work with teams who come into contact with such clients, and also facilitating sessions in this area.

Hamilton’s research interests are primarily in dual diagnosis and the relationship between mental health and substance use.

Some of his publications include:

You can see more of his publications here and you can follow him on Twitter @ian_hamilton_.

Credits: University of York

Published: 25 April 2016

Last update: 18 August 2016

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