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i-manager Publications Health Journals Bridge Research and Healthcare Practice

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In the rapidly evolving field of healthcare, staying abreast of the latest research and advancements is critical. i-manager Publications, a notable figure in academic publishing, is at the forefront of this mission, continuously expanding its repertoire of health science journals. These journals offer a rich source of knowledge, covering diverse domains from dental, nursing, pharmacology, medical research, to healthcare management.

i-manager’s Journal on Nursing, now in its 13th volume, exemplifies the commitment to disseminating high-quality research. Indexed in prestigious databases like CINAHL Complete from EBSCO and ProQuest, this journal provides a platform for innovative techniques and successful practices in nursing. Its presence in these databases and select articles in PubMed underline its significance in the global nursing community.

Recognising the growing demand for specialised knowledge, i-manager Publications is set to launch four new journals in the field of nursing in 2024. These include:

  • i-manager’s Journal on Genetic Nursing
  • i-manager’s Journal on Pediatric Nursing
  • i-manager’s Journal on Critical Care Nursing
  • i-manager’s Journal on Midwifery & Research

These bi-annual publications will cater to a broader research audience, delving into niche areas of nursing practice and research.

Collaborative efforts in health science publishing

i-manager’s partnerships extend to co-publishing agreements with esteemed institutions. The JIDAT – Journal of the Indian Dental Association Tamil Nadu, co-published with the Indian Dental Association (IDA) Tamil Nadu, is a testament to this. It focuses on dental health and related research, fostering global dialogue among professionals.

Similarly, the collaboration with Dale View College of Pharmacy and Research Centre has resulted in two significant publications: Dale View’s Journal of Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapeutics and Dale View’s Journal of Health Sciences and Medical Research. These journals serve as comprehensive platforms for researchers and healthcare professionals, promoting a multidisciplinary approach to health sciences.

Upholding quality and accessibility in health science research

i-manager Publications stands out in the realm of academic publishing for its steadfast commitment to upholding the highest standards of peer review and making significant research accessible without the burden of publishing fees. This approach ensures that each publication, whether in the field of nursing, dental health, pharmacology, or medical research, undergoes rigorous scrutiny by experts. This dedication to quality and integrity is pivotal in disseminating trustworthy and impactful research.

Unlike the open access model, which often comes with substantial publishing costs, i-manager’s approach of not charging publishing fees makes high-quality scientific knowledge more accessible. This policy not only supports researchers and institutions with limited funding but also ensures a wider dissemination of information. By removing financial barriers, i-manager Publications facilitates a more inclusive and diverse research environment where the focus remains firmly on the quality and relevance of the work rather than the ability to pay.

The introduction of four new nursing journals and the continued collaboration with global partners further exemplify i-manager’s commitment to advancing healthcare knowledge. Through these efforts, i-manager Publications is setting new standards in academic publishing, ensuring that critical health science research reaches the widest possible audience, thus contributing significantly to the advancement of healthcare practices and policies worldwide.

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