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Hyperbolic Stretching Review – Can this Programme Help You Go from Stiff to Supple? 

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Hyperbolic stretching is a four-week digital stretching and flexibility programme that promises to help increase range of motion.

Regular stretching is crucial for enhancing flexibility, preventing injuries, correcting posture, and reducing muscle tension.

However, starting a stretching routine can be daunting for many individuals. There’s a lot of conflicting information online about what stretches to do, how long to hold them, and how to do them effectively.

Hyperbolic stretching offers a solution with its well-structured programme and clear guidance on functional stretching exercises.

In this hands-on review, we assess the effectiveness of this digital stretching programme to determine if it lives up to the hype.

Hyperbolic stretching: quick look

    • A digital product can be downloaded immediately after purchase.
    • Stretching programmes last for four months.
    • Modules for splits, front splits, upper body, dynamic stretches, power bridge, and head-to-toe.
    • Video demonstrations and cues for proper stretching technique.

What is hyperbolic stretching?

Hyperbolic stretching is a digital stretching programme that helps people improve flexibility and range of motion in their joints and muscles. 

Designed by Alex Larson, MSc, a former computer programmer, the stretching program includes a series of stretching routines, from beginner to advanced, that can help address a series of stretching goals.

From doing the splits (both front and side), mastering the pike stretch, and specialised stretching routines for the upper and lower body, hyperbolic stretching covers all of your flexibility needs.

How does hyperbolic stretching work?

Hyperbolic Stretching is a guided and digital stretching programme that helps users of all levels increase flexibility. 

After ordering the programme, you will receive access to the videos. Each module starts with a beginner’s week before progressing to more challenging stretches. 

Here is a closer look at how the programme delivers results:

Evidence-based stretching techniques 

Hyperbolic Stretching uses several types of stretching in the programme to accelerate progress, including dynamic stretches (like arm swings and leg swings), static stretches (where you hold a stretch in a static position), PNF stretching (static stretches with resistance), and more.

A meta-analysis found that the above stretching types were effective in increasing range of motion and improve muscle elasticity. 

Fun Fact: A study  found young people with reduced flexibility increased injury risk by sevenfold.

Combining different stretching modalities, as is done in hyperbolic stretching, has been shown to be more effective compared to doing just one type of stretching

Step-by-step instruction

One of the key benefits of hyperbolic stretching is the step-by-step instruction with each stretch. Larson does an excellent job of illustrating how to perform each stretch. 

While stretching looks simple, it has to be done properly in order to be effective at helping you achieve your goal of improving flexibility. 

Larson guides you through each stretch, including key cues and instructions to ensure that the stretches are being completed safely and properly. 

Video demonstrations of the stretches 

All of the modules on hyperbolic stretching include videos of all the stretching exercises. The guided demonstrations are very clear, giving you a visual idea of how the stretches are to be performed to promote elasticity.

Combined with the step-by-step instructions, there is no screwing up with doing this programme correctly.

Multiple programmes for different goals

Hyperbolic stretching includes different modules, including front splits, side splits, pike mastery, and upper body, and offers each in both beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.

The modules are 8–10 minutes each and can be viewed on your smartphone, tablet, or television.

No matter where you are in your stretching journey, hyperbolic stretching can meet you there and facilitate more movement.

Unlock poor posture

The upper body module of hyperbolic stretching is perfect for people who sit and have caved-in shoulders from poor posture. 

I really liked this part of the programme, as the dynamic stretches really helped loosen up and unlock my spine and shoulders. I

The scientific literature supports this form of stretching for increasing range of motion. A study published in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine showed that just 5 minutes of dynamic stretches increased range of motion by 7–10% in healthy subjects.

Poor posture doesn’t just look bad; it can lead to a lot of issues, with many people developing chronic neck and back pain as a result of slouching shoulders and bad posture.

What are the pros of hyperbolic stretching?

Having tested and reviewed hyperbolic stretching for several months, there are a lot of benefits and pros to this programme. 

The key pros of hyperbolic stretching include:

Increased flexibility

The types of stretching in hyperbolic stretching, including static, dynamic, PNF, and ballistic, are rooted in science and have been shown to increase range of motion. 

The main benefit of hyperbolic stretching is improved flexibility, and when followed, the programme delivers on this promise.

After doing the upper body module for just a week, I noticed significantly better overhead range of motion and less stiffness in my upper body. 

Reduced back pain 

Lower back pain afflicts countless people, especially in today’s day and age of constant sitting. 

Sitting tightens the hip flexors and hamstrings. Hyperbolic stretching’s front and side splits loosen up the hips and lumbar spine, alleviating many of the common causes of back stiffness.

Improved athletic performance

Athletes who need hyper-mobility to train and compete – marital artists and dancers, for example – will love this programme. 

Whether that’s a higher leg kick or a more fluid yoga practice, hyperbolic stretching can unlock elite levels of mobility. 

What are the cons?

No stretching programme is perfect, and hyperbolic stretching is not without its drawbacks. 

The main two all-outs I have on this product include:

A bit monotonous: once the four-week set of stretches is complete, you either start over on the same module or change modules. I’d love to see the option of additional stretching routines and modules to mix things up, but I understand that at this price point, that may be a lot to ask for. 

There is no printable list of the stretches. I would have liked to be able to print out the stretches in a PDF to take with me to the gym for moments when I don’t want to pull out my phone to follow along with the videos.

Who is this stretching programme best for?

Hyperbolic stretching is an excellent option for people who exercise but who want to add structured stretching and mobility training to their workout regimen. 

It’s also a great option for people who suffer from bad posture and feel stiff and tired after long days of sitting, whether that’s at work or during long commutes. The programme is great for opening up your joints and reducing stiffness.

Additionally, athletes and gymgoers who require full range of motion to compete or train will love this programme, particularly:

  • Kickboxers and other martial artists
  • Dancers 
  • Pilates and yoga enthusiasts
  • And people who aspire to do the splits

Who is this programme not good for?

Even though the stretching and mobility modules in hyperbolic stretching are relatively safe, the ballistic and PNF stretches are not ideal for total beginners or people working through injuries.

These are intense forms of stretching that should be done very carefully once you have gotten comfortable with static stretching. 

If you are very new to flexibility training, stick to basic dynamic and static stretches until you can progress to the more advanced stretches in hyperbolic stretching.

What do the reviews say about hyperbolic stretching?

The reviews of Hyperbolic Stretching online are mostly positive, with reviewers noting that the programme was easy-to-follow and generated the results promised. 

The team at YourWorkoutBook.com, a strength training and fitness website, liked the simplicity of the programme and noticed increased suppleness after a week of use.

“After a week of using the upper body routine, my chest and deltoids were noticeably more supple. I noticed it especially when lap swimming—where usually I’d hop in the water and feel rusty and creaky, my stroke and range of motion were good from the get-go. So for me, this programme definitely worked. And I will continue using it as part of my recovery and mobility regimen.”

Other reviewers also noted that the programme is not suitable for very inexperienced users.

The bottom line

Stretching and mobility are crucial parts of staying injury-free, whether you are an athlete pursuing personal bests in the gym or you want to be able to bend over and pick up your keys without your back groaning like a rusty screen door. 

Hyperbolic stretching is a flexibility and movement programme that can help you in a multitude of ways, from doing your first front split to eliminating the tightness and soreness in your spine.

While it is not suitable for injured people or those who are green when it comes to advanced types of stretching, the programme is excellent for people who have some experience with stretching.

Finally, the makers of Hyperbolic Stretching back the programme with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

If you aren’t seeing the results you want from the programme, simply email them for a no-questions-asked refund.

To recap

  • Hyperbolic Stretching is a four-week digital stretching programme
  • Includes modules that guide people from beginners to advanced
  • Each module takes about 8 minutes to complete
  • Video demonstrations and cues for all the stretches
  • 60-day risk-free money-back guarantee

Check out hyperbolic stretching and see the difference in your flexibility and range of motion for yourself.

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Adam Mulligan, a psychology graduate from the University of Hertfordshire, has a keen interest in the fields of mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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