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How Your Mind Changes When You Put on the Spatz Gastric Balloon?

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The Spatz Gastric Balloon is a weight loss programme that uses a non-surgical process to achieve significant weight loss. The result of the procedure is to develop sustainable, healthy, long-term habits. The procedure is in two parts. It begins with a soft intragastric balloon that is placed in the stomach of a patient for six to twelve months. The helps the patient to control the portion of foods he/she takes in.

What mind changes should expect when working with the Spatz Gastric Balloon? Read on to find out more.

Gastric balloon, what is it?

It is a non-surgical, temporary tool that is placed inside a patient’s stomach to help him/her lose significant weight. This device is made of a quality silicone material. It is latex-free.  

The balloon functions by soaking up some space in the stomach of a patient. And it consequently decreases the amount of food the stomach may hold.  

Also, the balloon works to empty the stomach. This makes food remain in the stomach for a longer period.  

The result is reduced appetite and faster satiety with a smaller amount of food. This trains you to be able to control your portion of meals. The effect also helps you build a healthy eating habits. The size of the gastric balloon differs, according to the individual’s needs.

Recovery time after a gastric balloon procedure ?

To recover from the Spatz Gastric Balloon procedure, plan for not less than three days of inactivities. You want to continue typical movement at some point, depending on how rapidly your body changes with the inflatable. It may be a bit challenging for the first few days after the balloon procedure. As the stomach changes with the inflatable, you might feel distressed and experience retching, reflux, cramping, nausea, or indigestion. These aftereffects want last long, they are temporary. You will also be given drugs to assist you to oversee them.

Dieting and life after the procedure 

There is not much difference between the life after the gastric inflatable procedure and how it used to be. However, there are a few exceptions. Below are some of them. 

Because you’ll always get full faster after the procedure, it means you will be eating less. This means you will get thinner.

Assuming food is hung to your balloon, you might encounter vomiting. To lessen this gamble, you ought to stay away from food varieties that are may stick to your inflatable – foods like pasta, and sip water after eating to flush your inflatable.

Always stay in touch with online or in-person weight loss support. There are several groups online to use for free. You will always get help here.

Exercise frequency for better results 

There are not many studies about the gastric balloon technique for now. However, the research found that about two hours and fifty minutes of exercise per week brings about 5.7% noteworthy weight loss.

To assist you to remain focused, shut out some time to work out at similar times weekly for maximum result. 

Additionally, spread your 2.5 hours out of every week, between three to four days per week – that’s about 30 minutes to minutes in those days. This will make it less scary to begin every day. It will also assist you to build perseverance.

Food addiction

Your body has hormones responsible for hunger. This is often secreted from time to time. The fact is foods poor in nutrients, especially junk foods, may supersede these signals of hormones. It overstimulates your reward center. This is very much like how your body and brains respond to a habit-forming drug.

You might have a food fixation if your craving for food is more important than pieces of your life – for example, family, individual wellbeing, your appearance, work, and friends.

How weight loss affects your relationships ?

To come back to being thin or if it’s your first time can look like a stunning experience.  

A lot of patients express awe at :

  • Being treated with more regard
  • Less obesity segregation. For instance, strangers will more likely be pleasant to more slender individuals
  • More heartfelt interest from others
  • Build deeper connections by having the option to keep up with children and fit friends
  • More commendations from others
  • Better sexual life
  • Expanded self-confidence and the impact it has on others

However, there may also be negatives to being too thin.


The aftermath of using the Spatz Gastric Balloon is often positive. Apart from losing significant weight, it improves other aspects of your life. Finally, visit Spatz3 for a non surgical intragastric balloon procedure.

Helen Baumeister did her degree in psychology at the University of Hertfordshire. She is interested in mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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