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How to View the Profile of Someone Who Blocked You on Instagram

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Being blocked by someone on Instagram is a terrible and depressing event. No matter what you do, you will no longer be able to view that person’s account. In fact, you won’t even find them on the app anymore, even if you type their name in the search bar. This becomes a problem if you want to view their stories, posts and activities.

One easy solution to this problem is to use the Instagram anonymous story viewer. The infamous web service has become somewhat of a sensation since it came into existence. The concept of being able to view someone’s Instagram anonymously had always been brewing in everyone’s mind for ages. And now, finally, everyone can get a piece of the action.

Does the Instagram Story viewer really make you invisible?

The answer is yes; this IgAnony web service makes you completely undetectable while giving you the power to access anyone’s account. It works by taking in the username of the person you want to view and then running a search for the particular profile. Once there is a hit on the search, the website will pull up that person’s profile. And now, the real fun begins.

Instagram story viewer doesn’t give a damn about anyone’s right to privacy, except for yours. For all intents and purposes, this is one web service that you completely rely on. As a user, you can view anyone’s IG story without that person ever knowing that you’re watching them. If that doesn’t tingle your senses, we don’t know what will.

Is it possible to access accounts that have blocked you?

The power of the anonymous story viewer isn’t only limited to watching someone’s stories. In fact, you can have unfiltered access to anyone’s posts, which means all photos, videos and reels are totally up for grabs! And, of course, the cherry on top of the cake is how the story viewer deals with profiles that have blocked you.

Suppose someone has blocked you on Instagram; this would mean that you can no longer view that person’s profile. Well, the anonymous story viewer fixes this problem without a hint of trouble. It gives you complete and unrestricted access to someone’s profile, even if that person has blocked you into oblivion. So if you ever wanted to stalk that ex or keep an eye on your nemesis, this is your ticket to making that secret scouting mission a success, let’s know more about Instagram Story Viewer

OMG, How is this even possible?

We know it sounds too good to be true, but we assure you it’s completely possible. As for the how, well, the website uses a neat trick in order to seep into the Instagram database without causing a ruckus.

You see, the reason why you can’t look at an account that has blocked you is that Instagram detects your username in the database. This effectively triggers Instagram to keep the target account ( the one who blocked you) invisible to your eyes. As a result, it almost seems like that person doesn’t exist.

The Instagram story viewer is able to work around this problem by simply not using your account. If there is no account, there’s nothing for Instagram to detect, meaning you can access that profile without any issues. It’s basic common sense! So don’t worry about a thing; your victim will never find out who the perpetrator is. Stalk away!

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