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How to Tell a Female Best Friend You Have Feelings for Her

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It is normal to fall in love with a female friend. But things become complicated if you have been close friends and you do not know how to tell her your feelings. It would require you to take a bold step to let your best friend know how you feel about her.

According to expert opinions, it is recommended to think about this issue in a bigger way before making any advancements. One wrong move could cost you the friendship that you have shared until now.

Think about it

As a man, you have to take the time to think about all of the possible reactions she could have. Judging from your interaction with her, it is easy to tell how she will respond once you tell her how you feel. A female friend who has an interest in you as a lover will obviously drop some clues that she has an interest. It is easy to read her feelings towards you as well. If you have any thoughts that she might respond with a negative answer, it is better to wait.

Stay positive and bold

Women love men who are bold and optimistic in life. If you are positive every time you meet, you will be surprised that it will work like charm. Stay positive even when breaking the news of how you feel to her. This could win her heart immediately in an incredible way.

Ask her out

After being friends for some time, it is time to take her out to a nice place. It could be dinner, afternoon ice cream, or even a picnic out. Of course, she will start guessing things and could be waiting for you to tell her how you feel. According to experts at an online dating site, Happymatches, women are wise enough to see it coming. So, the moment you ask her out and she agrees, it is like you have already created a way.

Choose the right time

As a man who has started falling in love with a female friend, playing your cards well is paramount. You need to look for the best opportunity to let her know. It could be in a moment when you are out together. You could invite her to your house and serve her dinner, or even tell her when the two of you are watching a film together. You should not break this news at her lowest time as she will definitely disappoint you even if she feels the same too.

Buy a gift for her

Women love gifts and they can already guess what you are up to if you start throwing gifts from all corners. If she is happy to receive them, it means that she can read between the lines. The only thing she could be waiting for now is for you to tell her what you want.

See, telling a female friend that you have fallen in love with her is simple. It is all about winning her heart and looking for the best opportunity to tell her that you are in love with her.

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