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How to Improve Your Relationship and Connections with Others

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No relationship is perfect, but every relationship is special. It all starts with a commitment to one another, and it thrives on continuous effort and mutual respect. It is imperative to continuously work on fostering your connection to strengthen and enhance your relationship, be it a romantic one or a familial one. Here are a few ideas on how you can do it.

Communication is the key

There are no two ways about it. For any kind of relationship to be sustained, the communication between the parties should be clear and strong. For example, merely asking your significant other how their day was on a regular basis sets a mundane routine which over a prolonged course of time will lose its shine. Instead, make an effort to make specific inquiries about their life to show them you actually care about them and would genuinely like to know how their day went.

Focus on appreciation

It is easy for us to take our loved ones for granted because of the closeness of the relationship. We often overlook what our families, partners, or friends do to make us happy, and rather than appreciating them for it, we tend to subconsciously expect it from them. They are not getting up earlier than usual to make you breakfast because they have to, but because they want to. A simple acknowledgment of their effort makes them genuinely happy. This works wonders in enhancing the longevity of a relationship.

It is all about small things

Communication does not only mean saying things clearly, but it also involves listening to what people tell you. Usually, it is the small details in people’s conversations that hold immense potential for growing the relationship. Remembering those bits is a direct measure of how committed you are to that person, hardly anything else makes them feel more special.

Quality time together is important

The importance of spending quality time together to enhance a relationship may sound obvious, but it is one of the most overlooked aspects in the current age where people are always busy juggling responsibilities. Allotting time regularly for date nights or doing activities that increase togetherness and self-awareness would go a long way in keeping the x-factor in a relationship intact. For example, a card game themed around romantic relationships could bring much-needed positivity between you and your partner, and rejuvenate things.

Be mindful of boundaries

While some boundaries dissolve as a relationship grows stronger, some continue to exist, and it is very important to respect them. Your concept of privacy may vary wildly compared to that of the other person, and once you realize this, it is easy to avoid overstepping the boundaries. They may not be comfortable with your incessant texting throughout the day even though it is a form of affection from your point of view.

Apologise when necessary

As we said earlier, no relationship is perfect. So, misunderstandings, arguments, and fights in a relationship are inevitable. However, how to address the lingering unaddressed emotions afterward determines the long-term dynamics between you and your loved ones. It feels like a victory when you have a final say in a heated argument, but real maturity lies in knowing that the person is more important than the argument and apologizing.

Never miss an opportunity to show affection

Just like showing appreciation, showing your affection towards your loved ones is also important to keep the energy in the relationship going. A peck on the cheek, a warm embrace, or holding hands in public, or small yet powerful gestures to show you adore them. In addition to amplifying the emotion, it is a natural way of expressing the sense of comfort between people.

Love yourself first

This is something you keep hearing again and again, but rightly so. How we look at ourselves manifests in how we behave in a relationship. For instance, if you are not very confident about yourself, you tend to seek validation from your relationship as a compensating mechanism, and this could make you see problems where there are none. Learning to love yourself and developing a strong sense of self will prevent toxicity from creeping into a relationship. While spending quality time with your loved ones is important, it is also vital to spend time for yourself. Loving yourself automatically brings the best version of you in a relationship setting.

A strong and long-lasting relationship has an immense potential to improve other aspects of your life. It makes you a pleasant and confident person in addition to bringing you success and happiness. However, a meaningful relationship takes work, open communication, and effort.

Dennis Relojo-Howell is the managing director of Psychreg.


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