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Tips on How to Handle COVID-19 Stress

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The following resource provides information on how to relieve the stress and anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic. All in all, feeling stress, sadness, and trouble about COVID-19 is common. It especially concerns those who have someone closest to be sick at home. There are many different ways how to manage COVID-19 stress. Still, every person overcomes it in a particular way.

There are several useful tips on how to relieve COVID-19 stress and maintain peace of mind during a pandemic:

Support your family anytime

Now is difficult to spend much time with family members. You can keep in touch with them only by phone, messages, or video chat. It is easier to schedule looking forward to calling your chosen ones every day. Alternatively, try video chatting with your family while playing games together.

No news, no stress 

While it’s necessary to be aware of what’s going on while a stressful COVID-19 situation is evident, much information regarding pandemics may simply confuse you. Try not to watch, read and listen to the news concerning COVID 19.

Change your leisure time

Change your leisure time because of the COVID-19 stress. Find a new hobby that you can practice during the COVID-19 period. Try to complete your daily schedule with relaxation. If you miss some familiar moments in your life, try to find an opportunity to make up for them differently. Communicate with family and friends virtually.

Make your body feel better

Take immediate care of yourself to make your body feel better. You can manage to relieve the stress during COVID-19 yourself. Try to eat only wholesome meals, drink about 6–8 glasses of (240ml) pure water per day. Do not neglect physical exercises (walking or stretching), and sleep not less than 7 hours. It is helpful enough to set reminders of these regular activities that have a beneficial effect on your health during the COVID-19 stress.

Do the exercises with the center’s physical therapists. There is the Service of Integrative Medicine which has already prepared a series of training sessions focused on reducing stress COVID-19. The series includes aerobics classes, strength training, a basic set of exercises, and more. Try tai chi with martial arts instructors. This exercise is a mild form of exercise that has a positive effect on reducing COVID-19 stress. It is suitable for use at home to improve balance, stabilize breathing and reduce anxiety.

Master a new bobby

If you spend a lot of time at home during COVID-19 and you are stressed, try to master a new hobby or do an interesting activity that you didn’t always have enough time for. You can read a book, collect a puzzle, cook a new recipe, or watch a new TV show.

Master relaxation techniques

Techniques such as deep breathing exercises, stretching and meditation can help you manage stress during COVID-19. Take a free instructor-led meditation course. It will help you manage stress, improve sleep, and relax. You can also try acupressure (pressing on certain areas of the body to relax). Acupressure will relieve you of stress and anxiety during COVID-19.

Emotional support 

There are many professionals, volunteers, and support programmes available to help you cope with the stressful times of COVID-19. You can get help by using any of the resources. You may also find out if you have an employee support program at work. These programs may differ depending on the place of work. Often they include counseling to cope with stress, anxiety, and depression during COVID – 19.

Social COVID-19 help programmes

Social workers provide emotional support counseling to patients and their relatives, friends, and carers during COVID-19 stress. Social work involves participating in patient support programs, both in-person and remotely via the Internet.

You can also get help with practical issues, such as transportation to and from a doctor’s appointment, provision of temporary housing, and financial problems. If you would like to join an online support group. Even Payday loan organizations that offer instant cash checkouts, like https://directloantransfer.com/instant-cash/ are joining in to support people in these drastic times.

Through interactive activities, you will learn more about your diagnosis, what to expect during treatment, and how to prepare for the different stages of treatment. Classes are held confidentially, free of charge, and with the involvement of highly qualified medical professionals.

The psychological well-being of everyone and the activities of the team as a whole is ensured by three complementary levels:

  • The level of self-help of each patient (self-regulation, self-organisation, self-esteem, self-control, self-reflection, and self-awareness), allowing to maintain self-control
  • The level of mutual assistance (the required level of empathy, mutual support and ‘a sense of fellowship’ between employees)
  • The level of specialised professional psychological assistance provided by psychologists


WHO and health authorities around the world are working to contain the COVID-19 outbreak. However, this time of crisis creates stress among the population. These mental health considerations are addressed to various groups to support mental and psychosocial well-being during the COVID-19 outbreak.

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